Shaun of the Dead

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Produced by Working Title Films and Directed by Edger Wright, “Shaun of the Dead”. Edger Wright has created yet another great action/comedy/crime/mystery movie Starring Simon Pegg himself, and featuring British stars like Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest), Martin Freeman (The U. K. version of The Office), Cate Blanchett (The Lord of the Rings, Babel), Timothy Dalton (once James Bond), Jim Broadbent (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe), Paddy Considine (Cinderella Man), and Steve Coogan (Marie Antoinette).

It makes fun of the normal action movie genre with its action movie camera shots, sound effects, and tension but with ridiculous names, unexpected happenings and out of the ordinary actor’s roles (for example, an old lady with a machine gun). It is a fantastic comedy for all ages, which fully merits the films winning of the national movie award and the 194th top film on IMDB. But there is a lot of bad language and some “bloody” scenes so you have to be a minimum of fifteen years old to view the film.

The leading characters are played by the British actors; in fact every single actor in this film is British, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who already played with one another in “Shaun of the dead”. They work very well together so the feeling of friendship comes straight out to the person who is watching film. A fantastic police officer, Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), is forced to move to the sleepy village of Sandford, “village of the year for several years”, because of his impeccable arrest rate of 400%, he achieved this aiming for ‘the greater good’ in the world.

He quickly fits in to the new style of life but doesn’t adapt to the fact that the police force is not serious enough, they go looking for missing swans and street performers instead of fighting crime. Throughout the film the relationship between Nicholas Angel and his colleague Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), who is the son of the town’s top cop, Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent) improves dramatically.

Angel also arrests Danny for drunk driving on his first night in Sandford without knowing he is a policeman. But there is more going on in this little village than church fairs and citizen watch committees and soon Angel is investigating numerous incidents. Since the village’s accident rate is so high and the crime rate is so low, the police force and the villagers instinctively class them as accidents… but Angel is convinced otherwise.

With his faithful new partner, he tries to uncover the truth about Sandford. He will soon find out that the village is a lot louder than it seems and that the village isn’t naturally sleepy but someone is putting the villagers to sleep… forever. If you haven’t seen Hot Fuzz you will probably think it is just another cop action movie like “Bad Boys 2” but “Hot Fuzz” is a mixture of all types of movie genres mixed up with lots of comedy. This makes it a lot more fun to watch.

It has action movie quick editing and camera shots, romantic scenes with non-diegetic music, horror film make up and music, mystery quiet setting and crime scenes but comedy is in the middle of these so you just can’t take it seriously. The comedy which is integrated is hilarious and it makes you laugh your head off, which is a very hard goal to acheive. They managed this in Shaun of the Dead but Hot Fuzz was much more work. Despite this the brilliant writers, Edger Wright and Simon Pegg, managed it even better than in “Shaun of the Dead” you could even say: ‘to perfection’.

Edger and Pegg are getting better and better, I can’t wait until their next film, which I hope will be even better. In conclusion, while there are prodist elements in Hot Fuzz its still an action movie so you will like it even if you are not a big comedie lover because its hard to not like the jokes that Wright and Pegg have created. I think Hot Fuzz should be seen by everybody because it would cheer them up for the next week or two. You should go watch the movie as soon as possible.

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