Shah Flavor SWOT

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SE Fusion was established on 1 5 January 2010 by issuing food product legitimate under the brand Ayahs Flavor that more focus on So Char Key Two . The capital for starting a business Mr… Sharing only uses the family capital and also using his own money to start their business, the capital as much as ARM, 000 to buy the raw material and also equipment to make the Char Key Two sauce. In the beginning, Mr… Sharing was working as a chef in a five star Hotel in Koala Lump and that is the reason why her interest in cooking area, eventually Mr…

Sharing start her Char Key Two sauce business based on the concept of inherited family recipes. For the start business, SE Fusion uses a traditional way or manual to cook the Char Key Two sauces. The traditional way Mr… Sharing must hire several people to produce the sauce and the quality of the sauce is more low because they can not make are more sauce then will give impact on demand from customers. Besides that, they must work early in the morning to start their work in processing the Char Key Two Sauce. In this time, Mr…

Sharing embark their business with only sell on a mall scale of their Char Key Two Sauce in the market and its more to demand or order by the customer than they will produce the sauce. After several years dabbling work as a chef in the hotel and learn more about the recipe of sauce, Mr… Sharing feel confident and afford to extend this sauce into the big market. So, he applies capital grant from SEEM Corp.. To buy machine that can improve their production of making the sauce. Mr… Sharing get loans as much ARMS, 000 from SEEM Bank for their first application.

With this help, En. Sharing had purchased grinder machine, filter machine and other equipment to make the sauce. By using this machine it can help Mr… Sharing to make sure their operation becomes easier. In the startup business, En. Sharing start began by selling Char Key Two at the night market and the growing demand, Mr… Sharing has expanded its business by using the brand name of the Shah Flavor sauce. En. Sharing also have been a good relationship with government sector Pervading and Pertains where En.

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