Sex Abuse Scandal and Cover-Up Allegations Rock Penn State

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A scandal of sex abuse and consequent accusations of a cover-up shook Happy Valley following the charge against Jerry Sandusky, Penn State defensive coordinator, of assaulting 8 boys.

Sandusky was once considered the heir apparent of Joe Paterno.

One of the allegations included a graduate assistant sharing about how he had seen Sandusky in 2002 sexually assaulting a boy in the shower at the practice center of the team.

Sandusky had retired in 1999 but continued using the school facilities for work with The Second Mile, which he had founded to help kids at risk. Authorities say that was where he met the boys.

The investigation of the grand jury also led to the charges of perjury against Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, vice president for business and finance and athletic director of Penn State, respectively. Their charges included failing to report the investigation of the allegations to the police, which was a requirement under state law.

Attorney General Linda Kelly gave a statement on Saturday describing this case as that of a “sexual predator” using his position within the community and university to take advantage of young boys on a repeated basis.

He was arrested on Saturday and released on a bail of $100,000 after being slapped with 40 criminal counts. 62-year-old Schultz and 57-year-old Curley are foreseen to turn themselves in this Monday in Harrisburg.

Meanwhile, Paterno, who became the coach with the greatest number of wins in the history of Division I football, was not charged. The report from the grand jury did not seem to find him at any fault.

Under the stewardship of Paterno over the last four decades and counting, the Nittany Lions had become a legend in college football. Fans were known for packing the State College stadium. The campus town was also regularly included in the best places to live in America, gaining the nickname “Happy Valley.” The teams under Paterno were respected for at least two things: winning games, which included two championships on the national level, and relatively staying away from trouble.

The 67-year-old Sandusky, with defenses typically anchored by linebacker jocks, had spent thirty years at the school, and the sexual assault charges spanned from 1994 to 2009.

These charges covered a wide range of sexually abusive acts, including sexual advances, touching, and anal and oral sex.
The victims are now young men, and they testified before the grand jury of having been in their early teens when they were abused. Some evidence points to even younger-aged boys who have possibly been victimized.

Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, said that his client had known of the accusations for approximately three years and has kept his innocence.

After his client was arraigned, Amendola told reporters that Sandusky was shaky, as was to be expected. At 67 years old, he had apparently never faced criminal charges his entire life, and with his distinguished career, these allegations were indeed very serious.

This Wednesday has a schedule for a preliminary hearing, but it would most probably be delayed, according to Amendola.

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