Senior Leadership Team

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As a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Mr Manby has even more roles but they’re split between the other members of the SLT. One of these roles is financial management. Mr Manby is in managing the schools budget and leasing the school/facilities. He isn’t full in charge of financial management; he only helps Mr Horsley who is fully in charge of it. He helps Mr Horsley identify what things the school needs to buy such as stationary and exercise book. He is also in charge of recruiting new staff and supply teachers.

He has to look at the person who is applying to be a teacher’s CV, job description and person specification and see whether or not they’re good enough for the job. He may look for supply teachers on the internet for example Mr Manby works with the following external agencies: Police, social services, ofsted, the Local Education Authority (LED) and community groups. One of his key roles as a SLT member is to establish a framework and create a guideline for how thing should be done in school. This is important as he want teaching to be to its best possible standard.

There are two types of training: on-the-job training – training that takes place on the work place for example giving the employee an induction of the job and off-the-job training – training that take place outside the workplace such as a course in health and safety. Training is beneficial for workers as it helps them to develop more skills and gives them more experience. Mr Manby has received training in In-Service Education and Training (INSET). This type of training takes place inside the school and help Mr Manby to develop his skills in a specific area such as teaching strategies. He has also received training in the National College for Leadership (NCSL).

This type of training helps to inspire leaders. Mr Manby has been to the Local Education Authority (LEA) meetings and events to further develop his skills. There is a meeting every Wednesday’s after school at Greenford High School in which they get teaching materials to help them with their job. Every teacher must attend at least six every year. There is also a Continued Professional Development (CPD) course that is available to every teacher. This course helps the teachers to improve and broaden their knowledge in key areas (such as areas they aren’t good at) and help to develop their skills. This course is run by Mr Mather – the schools training manager.

A wide range of skills are required by teachers to get through their everyday job. Mr Manby has got many qualities and skills which help him get through everyday life. One of the most important skills he has, is his organisation skills. Without this, Mr Manby will be all over the place due to the heaps amount of work he does every day. Another key skill Mr Manby has is stress management. This is also important because he has a massive workload and if he is stress, it will mean he won’t be able to do his job to a good standard which will add even more stress to him.

Other qualities he has is a sense of humour which helps him get a better bond with other teachers and students, presentational skills to give presentations to students which will give them a better learning environment, work prioritising to the more important task over such as the timetable – If this isn’t completed, the students won’t know what lessons they have which will cause a major problem. Mr Manby has to have good numeracy skills as he is partially in charge of the schools budget. This will help him to budget it accurately and not spend more than what is needed.

Science Teacher – Ms Saleem: A Science teacher is one of many subject teachers. They are responsible for educating the students about science such as atoms, space, plants etc. A science teacher can also teach a Physics, Chemistry or Biology at GCSE and A level’s depending on what her speciality is. Ms Saleem one of the science teacher who works at Greenford High School. Her main responsibility as a science teacher is to ensure their students get the best possible grade they can achieve. To do this, she has to try and give as much knowledge as possible to her students and try to take minimum days off. As well as being a science teacher, she is also form tutor. As a form tutor, she has to take the register on a daily basis, deal with incident slips and check if the students are arriving on time to lessons. During form times, she has to plan activities and quizzes to motivate the students.

Ms Saleem has many different roles but her main role as a science teacher is to teach the student. Ms Saleem believes that in order for the student to learn better, the lessons have to be practical and interactive so her role is to organising practical work such as experiments and plan lessons on the interactive white board such as presentation or activities. But as practical work can be dangerous, she is responsible for the student’s safety.

Other roles Ms Saleem has, is helping students with their UCAS application for university, monitoring attendance ; punctuality, liaising with PSW and the 6th form team and organising trips to places like amusement parks. Ms Saleem also has a whole school responsibility in which she ensures that the students are wearing the correct uniform, attending parents evening to discuss the student’s progress and supporting whole school strategies. Mr Rugg is Ms Saleem’s line manager as he is the head of science. Ms Saleem has to go to him if there is any problems such as a student constantly misbehaving or if a student wants to drop the course.

Her role as a science teacher is more important than a form tutor because her teaching determines what grades the students get; which will determine what courses they do at A level or university thus affecting what job they do in the future.

During lessons, in order to get the best out of the students, Ms Saleem has to give the students a starter activity such as a word search or a crossword. This will not only warm up their brains, but it will also give them a brief overview of what the lesson is about. Before the lesson starts, Ms Saleem welcomes the student into her classroom to get a better bond with them. She also supports the students during the lessons if they’re stuck on something such as a piece of homework and encourages independent thinking. As well as this, she also breaks down information so it’s easier for the students to understand for example she goes through a question bit-by-bit and if there is any part the student doesn’t understand, she goes back through it.

Ms Saleem has to have a wide range of skills as a science teacher and a form tutor. She has to have good numeracy and ICT skills so she can draw up graphs on spreadsheet and compare them over the weeks to see if the student’s are improving or not. She has to have good communications, speaking and listening skills like every teacher at Greenford High school as without this they won’t be able to teach the students well enough.

Ms Saleem has many responsibilities. These include: Assessing the students work and giving them feedback of what went well and what could be improved as well as monitoring their progress, delivering lessons that engage student and help them to achieve. If the students are underachieving or a arriving constantly late to lessons, then Ms Saleem has to report the students the year team or parent and a member of the SLT. Ms Saleem has to have access to SIMM in order to do this. With SIMMS she can see when the students aren’t coming to lessons or are coming late. She can look through previous records to see if this is happening constantly

Ms Saleem teaches science lessons to students in years 7 -11 and only biology to students in year 12 and 13. For the student in years 12 and 13, she has to make a decision on whether she wants to allow certain student to do the course; for instance people she knows who will do well. Ms Saleem has 10 A – C GCSE’s and 3 & a half A level’s. She has also received a Bachelor of Science (BSC) in biological science and a PGCE in biology science.

This helps her to perform her job well as she has more experience and knowledge. This means she can give better teaching to the students compared to if she only had fewer GCSE’s or if she didn’t have a BSC or PGCSE. Ms Saleem should go on the School-Centred Initial Teachers Training (SCITT). This training is to help teachers in a particular area of subject (In Ms Saleem’s case Biology) and is run by experienced and practised teachers.

The difference between Ms Saleems’s job and Mr Manby’s job is that Mr Manby has much more roles and responsibility. Due to the face the Mr Manby is the assistant head of Greenford High School he has much more important roles then Ms Saleem, for instance dealing with exclusions, analysing exam results and working with external agencies. Mr Manby has a much bigger say in how the school runs. They do however have the same number of GCSE (10 A* – C) but Ms Saleem has received half more A level then Mr Manby.

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