Selection and induction processes within a business

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1. Whoever gets promoted needs their old job spot to be filled. 2. Promotion from one person may upset others within the company. Advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment: Pros – 1. A wider choice of potential employees 2. With external workers come external ideas! New and refreshing! Cons – 2. This will be more costly to the company because of advertising, researching and processing the application forms possibly from more people. 3. Final employed worker could not be as good in practice as on paper or in the interview.

The induction process is introducing new employees to their workplace, job, new surroundings and the people they will be working with. Induction also provides information to help new employees start work and generally ‘fit in’ and get to know people. Induction programs need to incorporate every aspect of a company. The purpose of Inductions is to ensure an effective integration of staff. Line managers are the main people involved with induction programmes in most cases. The induction program will vary in nature, length of time, depth of detail dependant on the company and the job role. Some examples of people who may be part of your introduction:

Who? What? Line manager Introduce to staff and explain requirements of job with explanations of different department’s objectives. HR Taking details such as bank details for payment Colleagues Meeting the people you will be working with in the future. Guided Tours are often one of the first things that are done on an induction so you have a feel for your surroundings that you will be working in. Some areas could be; Canteen, Toilets, Fire escapes, Offices and Parking. All the legal requirements are taken care of by the HR manager. Some more jobs the HR manager could be writing a manual for new employees about health and safety at work. There is usually some form of video/talk/presentation about the work place. These videos and talks also include information about the company’s core values and history. You are also informed about their aims and products/services.

A key part of an induction is letting the employee know about their rights and responsibilities. The terms and conditions need to be explained to them to make sure that they fully understand them. These include; salary, contracted hours, sick pay, pension. The clear outline role of the job needs to be reiterated to make the person confident and clear with what their exact job is within the company.

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