Selecting the best person for the job

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The whole reason that they go though the recruitment procedure is to ensure that they select the best candidate for the job the recruitment process is very expensive for the Marriott and they don’t want to do it over and over for the same job. Once the interview panel have interviewed everyone and assessed everyone at the assessment centre they than come together and have a meeting and discuss the benefits and downfalls of hiring each candidate and they analyse each candidate.

Instead of having lots of notes they have an interview report form each on each candidate. They will mark each candidate and will put them in order of say 1 – 15. If certain people have different candidates at number one the panel have a debate to try to find a solution on who should get the position, they need to come up with a unanimous decision on who is best for the job.

If this process is going to be worthwhile for the Marriott it has got to be valid, free from interviewer bias and prejudice, and the interviewers need to be open and listen to other interviewers take on candidates and look at the candidate from a different point of view. All of the interviewers need to be satisfied with the overall decision. When the Marriott interview panel have decided who is the best for the job they then select who is the second choice and who is the third choice for the job.

The reason the Marriott has three choices for the job is because if the candidate who gets the job has applied for a job somewhere else at another hotel and decides to take that job because they feel it has better pay or prospects for their future career such as more chance of getting a promotion, and they decide to turn down the Marriott’s offer of a job, then the job will be offered to the candidate who is their second choice, and if they turn it down it gets offered to the third choice candidate.

If the Marriott didn’t have a successful assessment centre it could cause them a lot of problems because they could hire the wrong employee and this would waste their valuable time trying to find the right employee, so the good thing about having an assessment centre is they can watch each candidate in action and make sure that they hire the right employee saving them a lot of time.

It is important that the Marriott have a second choice and third choice for the job because once again it saves them a lot of time and money, because they don’t have to go through the whole process of the assessment centre again because they have the two choices who have already been assessed. Making the job offer The Marriott write to the candidate or telephone them depending on the level of the job telling them they have the job, they follow up telephoning the candidate with a letter.

Once the candidate has accepted the position they then send for two references, and the candidate’s employment is subject to the references being suitable. As soon as the Marriott have received the references the employee can start their induction training. Analysing customer service representative Two candidates were applying for the position candidate (a) – Paula Tait and candidate (b) Karen Lewis.

I am now going to explain who I would choose if I was a human resource manager out of the two candidates and why I would choose them. I would give the job to Karen Lewis. She has the 5 GCSE’s grade A*- C and she also has a GNVQ in intermediate business. Her GCSE grades include an A in ICT and a B in business Studies so she has better grades in the main subjects that she needs for the job than candidate (a) has got.

Karen Lewis made her CV better than Candidate (a) did stating computing as one of her interests, this will also help her get the job because she would enjoy working on a computer she would enjoy the shop. So even though Karen Lewis has less experience than Paula Tait I would definitely call her back for an interview for this position due to her better grades in her GCSE’s and her GNVQ in intermediate business, her interests in computers also help her because it would be important that she enjoys them as its an important part of the job.

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