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Security has become an issue of great importance as more and more cases of attacks are being reported on television. To address security problems, there are many companies which sell devices with the purpose of protecting residential and commercial areas. It is also important that people set countermeasure programs within their security plans. Biometric devices such as iris scan, fingerprinting, and hand geometry can be used for enhancing security measures. Alarm Systems People resort to security to make it ???more difficult for criminals to get into the premises being protected??? INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Fischer and Green 147).

Today, there is considerably large number of websites advertising sophisticated alarm systems for commercial and residential uses. Some of these websites are ADT, Home Security Store, and SecuritySystems. All of these sites provide information on security products and services for homes and business sites. Some conclusions based on the content of the sites are made. First, having a secured house or business establishment is very costly; even if some security devices can be purchased with discounts. In addition, a building would need more than one camera to secure the entire place.

Aside from the cameras, which come in different varieties, functions and prices, every place needs fingerprint lock, security systems, touchpads, detectors and sensors and other devices that suit the needs of the premises being secured. But since security is a must, cost seldom hinders someone from having his or her house or business establishment installed with alarm systems. Second, more and more security products are created, new ones which come more sophisticated than the ones before. A few years ago, cameras were conspicuous because of their size, and were placed in conspicuous places such as street poles.

But nowadays, security gadgets are available in small sizes. Cameras, especially the ones used for security, are smaller in sizes and can be placed in hidden locations. In fact, there are cameras that can be installed in a pen INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (??????New Spy Pen Camera???). In addition, there are wireless security technologies now which can enhance security alarm systems INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Home Security Store, Inc. ). At a restaurant where my family dined weeks ago, one would feel at home and at ease at the friendly, clean, and safe place. It would not give you the idea that someone out there can see you through a closed-circuit television INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (CCTV).

I realized that since the restaurant is a busy place and is really patronized, the owner did the right thing by installing alarm systems throughout the restaurant five times the size of a classroom. From where I sat, I noticed that there were large, round mirrors in the corners of the room. It was the type that you can see in department stores and grocery stores. The owner or the cashier can quickly check the whole room just by looking at the mirrors. In addition, I am sure that there was an alarm system installed just under or near the counter if, for instance, the place was robbed. Read the answer on??what is not a physical security measure for your home?

There was also a camera installed in the ceiling which was so small that if one does not look very carefully, he or she would not notice. Also, I knew that there were other cameras attached to the chandeliers around the restaurant. I knew because I have visited another restaurant in the neighborhood which had cameras placed in inconspicuous corners. The restaurant has also installed a fire alarm system and there were about five fire sprinkler systems. In the lobby going to the comfort room, there was one camera mounted just above the turn towards the rooms, and another one outside the two doors for the male and female comfort rooms.

At first I thought the whole thing was ridiculous because if one knew that someone can see him in the restaurant, he would not feel comfortable. For that kind of business, I guess the security system served its purpose. For one thing, the restaurant is large, and at any given time, there are many people inside the establishment. I have also learned that it was almost robbed years before, thus the owner had the restaurant installed with alarm systems. It was also a good move to have fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems for emergency purposes. Importance of Countermeasures

The large number of attacks in the United States and in other countries would indicate that terrorists are constantly searching for effective methods of attacks. There are news reports about the many car bombings in other countries, and this raises questions about how safe one???s home or business can be. One of these methods of attacks is VBIED, which stands for vehicle-born improvised explosives device INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Vernon). Countermeasure programs are vital in perimeter security plan. Countermeasures may include barriers, equipments that include alarm devices and detection systems, personnel, policies and procedures, and access or incident reports.

Owners of homes or business establishments must realize the importance of having countermeasure so that problems can be resolved immediately if cases of emergencies arise. For instance, an owner can incorporate multiple barriers in the security plan to counter threats. Moreover, setting up countermeasures can help the owners in evaluating the effectiveness of structural barriers and weaknesses within the building surfaces. Through this evaluation, owners can design a plan or a program that would address some problems that might exist INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (???Security PACE Book 2 ??? Physical Security Concepts???).

Moreover, owners should determine first the assets they are trying to protect so that the countermeasures can mitigate the risks. They should also determine and understand the possible risks associated with the assets. Furthermore, it is of great importance that owners understand how their countermeasures can protect the assets from the risks and the possible result when the security solution does not work. Owners must bear in mind that there are cases when a countermeasure is effective against an attack but ineffective in another.

Lastly, owners should understand that countermeasures can impact other systems and the ???functionality of the assets being protected. ??? In addition, countermeasures are sometimes costly. Once the owners fully understand these things, they can determine which of their countermeasures the best choice INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Schneier 258). Biometric Devices Some of the more sophisticated and hi-tech security devices include biometric devices. Biometric devices are improved forms of authentication that recognize a variety of physical attributes such as fingerprinting, iris recognition, and hand geometry INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Evans 37).

Iris recognition or iris scans can be used for identification because features existing in the pupil contain 200 points. These points, which have furrows and rings, can be used for comparison and verification. For iris scans, the person stands up to 2 feet away from the device. Verification can take less than five seconds INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (???Iris Scan???). This process can convenient because there is no need for eye contact while scanning the iris and even those who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses can be scanned with the lenses on. On the other hand, fingerprinting is the most used biometric because each person has unique fingerprints INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Kristich and Tan 6).

Also, fingerprinting is faster, widely used, and cheaper. It is widely used in criminology INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Cole 217). Fingerprinting works by placing the finger over a small reader surface and verification takes about five seconds. The reader surface scans the finger and the computer to which the reader is attached takes and sends the information to the database for comparison INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (???Fingerprint???). Another biometric device is hand geometry wherein the hand is placed on a scanner and verification takes only within a few seconds. It is difficult to forge but is user-friendly INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Clutterbuck 80).

The importance of security can be seen through the proliferation of companies and websites that offer and sell security devices and equipment to protect homes and business establishments. These devices include cameras, alarm systems, and biometrics. But even with these devices, it is also of importance that people include countermeasure programs to their security plan so that they can mitigate risks. They can also opt to use biometric devices such as iris scans, fingerprinting, and hand geometry to keep their assets secured.


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