Scuba Diving – An under world magic

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There are two reasons why you find scuba diving in the under water world magical. One reason is when you are submerged in under water you can hear only your own breathing and the sounds of the passing boat. Whereas, this is not an exciting audio but it provides a gateway from the sound of your everyday busy life. The another reason for rise in scuba divers is they get an experience for the entire under water world and get to know the different under water rules. In order to prevent hypothermia in extreme conditions and especially when the water or air temperature is cold. This makes the divers comfortable and also protects the divers doing underwater work from chilly water. Divers need to be extra vigilant in case of diving in rex or at great depth. The chances of suffering an attack can be reduced by proper training and by avoiding drinks and drugs before a dive. They provide protection by keeping the diver’s core warm. The wetsuits vary in thickness also, again for the purpose of matching the suit to water conditions mainly temperature. Serious diving enthusiasts often travel to places where the water never very warm. This makes owning shorties and thermal suits important. It is not to be mentioned, we see a number of aquatic plants and animals in a different way from being in an aquarium in a different way. Many people are so keen to experience diving plan out their holidays around diving to develop greater skills.
The first piece of equipment that a student of diving would purchase is a mask. Selecting a mask however requires a bit of knowledge. While selecting a mask the most essential aspect is the seal. It is very important to make sure that there is absolutely no leakage in the mask. This is very important as it could cause a great level of inconvenience as water could be seeping in at a depth of 80 feet.

A leaky mask can no doubt ruin your day. There is a specific training that is generally given to the divers in order to ensure clearing of their masks even when they are present at any given depth. The masks are generally made up of plastic, high quality rubber and tempered glass. It is important to check that mask is not very tightly fitted as the rubber itself is extremely flexible. As a result the mask will tighten on its own due to increase in pressure. The term that is used to define this is ‘mask squeeze’. One of such dangers is nitrogen narcosis that can occur at any depth. The effects of nitrogen narcosis can be deadly and at the same time are hard to recognize. Any diver’s sudden irrational and foolish behavior is one of its effects. This is quite similar to being drunk as the diver may feel relaxed initially but is being oblivious to danger. A mask is the most essential aspect is the seal.

Diving no doubt rejuvenates you from inside and is a great way to interact with like minded people. So, one must give a shot to diving and explore new depths of life.

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