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I have identified the areas I believe Dolman and Lei should focus their concerns in order to achieve the growth they desire. For Strategic Planning, Dolman and Lei should start by devising a plan to establish the company motto as the actual vision and mission of Sandwich Blitz, Inc. With a clear mission the goal of “branding” products can be reached. They need to choose which of the key ingredients will be the first “brand” product to be launched. Dolman and

Lei should encourage their managers to take the imitative in solving problems minor problems and brainstorming with each other for solutions to the major ones. Provide managers with an Operations Manual outlining all policy and procedures. This should free up Dolman to focus on company growth. Lei should delegate the overseeing of the daily accounting to the accountant in order to enable her to focus on growth. A time frame of 3 to 7 years will need to be set in order to implement the plan.

For Tactical Planning, Dolman and Lei should enlist the management team in identifying a customer favorite in order to determine the product to be launched first. They should also have each manager develop a 1 to 3 year sales and marketing plan based on their target consumer and location in order to increase profits and overall branding. Training for all employee’s will need to be provide them the tools and training needed to improve efficiency, increase the company’s overall sales, and ways to generate more business through promotions and upsetting.

Dolman and Lei should also implement target sales goals and bonus structures for all employees achieving the target goals. For Operational Planning, All employees at each location will need to introduce the new products by utilizing the methods learned in training. This should be done while maintaining the same quality of food and customer service expected at each Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Location. Team supervisors should track daily sales of new products, customer feedback, and any issues that arise.

Managers would meet weekly with their team to discuss progress , address issues and formulate strategies to insure the target sales goals are met in the time frame given. If Dolman and Lei follow the planning process and set specific, attainable goals. I believe they will not only see substantial growth and increased profits, they will inspire creativity and increase motivation of their employees. Enabling them to consistently grow the business and stay ahead of the competition. Sandwich Blitz Soot By dancing

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