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As Asda has revolutionised its I.C.T service due to computer technology its customer services are now online as all product and service ranges are listed on the website with the essential information. The delivery service is recorded on the database to minimize delays and a scheduled time table shows when to depart so it minimizes on unorganized fuel expenditures. The telephone is used to communicate with customers to provide a satisfactory after sales service. Fax service is used to contact customers’ bank to receive credit history of the customer in order to execute a credit transaction.

E-mail is used to mail customers who have bought their shopping online to give a list of the products bought. Marketing Marketing is regarded as identifying customer needs and providing it. It makes sure it is one step ahead of the customer. In order for the business to achieve customer satisfaction it has to undertake a wide range of activities. In order for the business to sell its products or services effectively the marketing department needs to play a vital role in its effectiveness.

Promoting Asda has its own brand of products and services suited for various target groups like children, students, families etc. To promote these products to certain individual groups the marketing team has to analyse their age, gender, income, lifestyle and geographical area. So example if they’re selling ready made meals their target group would be mostly students. Students are regarded as busy individuals so the ready made meal is suited for them but as their income is low the meal has to be promoted at a fair price.

Their lifestyle maybe social and outgoing so these cases present a factor in promoting that meal. Their buying habits also demonstrate their likes and dislikes. The geographical area for example demonstrates the neighbouring groups of people and in most cases individuals from the same area tend to purchase the same products or services. A product or service doesn’t exist in the market unless it is promoted. The promotional methods vary, depending on the product or service sold. The product or service might be sold regionally, nationally or internationally.

Promotional campaigns aim to draw Attention to the product or service; then create an interest; thirdly develop a desire for the product and finally instructing an Action on how to buy it. Advertising Adverts are created by agencies on behalf of the business which is trying to promote its product or service and adverts are supposed to be unique and stand out from the rest. The way Asda advertises itself is by branding as it makes its products distinctive through its packaging and its advertising slogan ‘and that’s Asda price.’

Asda will decide which media it will advertise through however as it is a national company it will advertise on national T.V and newspapers. To obtain the success of such advertisements a survey is executed to determine how customers noticed the product or service. Sales Promotions A sales campaign is introduced in Asda to possibly promote a low demanding product or new products to create customer demand. The sales campaign lowers prices or offers buy one get one free type offers. Publicity Campaigns A publicity operation is when a range of promotional methods combine to focus the public’s attention on a product or service.

Asda wants itself and its brand in the appearance of the public eye so it receives free publicity. Asda also sponsors charities like tickled pink a breast cancer charity to show positive publicity. Market Research Market Research is an investigation to find the customers requirements and insights on potential new products and services as well as existing ones. Primary Research This type of research is first hand which involves collecting and analysing information that is original and up to date. There are various methods to obtain primary research the popular ones are following:

Postal Surveys – involves sending registered customers questionnaires through the mail which they complete and return it back to Asda. This survey reaches a large audience in a short space of time but the replies will be less as some customers would ignore the survey. Personal Surveys – this type of survey will be in-store and a researcher would survey face-to-face with the consumer. This survey reaches a small audience in a long space of time. It is not highly effective as some consumers won’t stop and carry out the survey.

Telephone questionnaires – it involves interviewing people through the phone; this method is cheap but is time consuming. Online surveys – this is the newest method that reaches the highest possible audience in a short space of time. This is considered cheapest and reliable than most surveys. Before executing the survey a questionnaire needs to be designed and structured by a market research team or agency. They are in charge of creating the questionnaire and analysing the results. The questions must be phrased appropriately to obtain the information that is required. The questions need to be structured so a choice of options makes analysing the results fairly easy.

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