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The sales department is responsible for selling the organisation’s product or service. Without sales no company would be able to survive. One of the hardest things for a company to do is to make people aware of its products. You may have the best product in the world but no one will buy it if they do not know it exists. Making people aware of the product is called marketing. What the Department Does? In a shop the sales department is basically the people that serve customers. Larger retail organisation such as national supermarkets will also have marketing departments working for an office.

A sales person’s job is to persuade customers to buy the products in the shop. Often sales people will also put the sale through the till. EPOS system (input/ process/ output) hardware used. The main use of ICT in the sales department of a shop is to record details about sales made. To do this the shop will usually make use of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale). EPOS is basically a sophisticated till.

EPOS Input The inputs of the system are recorded when the sales person uses the till to process a sale. The information input will vary depending on the shop but will usually include the product sold, the price EPOS Processes A number of process occur in the system. Firstly the details of the sale are stored in a database. The customer and shop copy of the receipt are sent to the printer. Finally details of the sale are sent to the stock control system. At the end of the day sales data is transferred to the head office via a modem or broadband connection.

EPOS Output This system has a number of outputs. The most obvious one is the till receipt which is printed at the time of sale. One copy of the receipt is given to the customer, the other is stored on the till roll and kept by the shop. Data is also output to other systems within the organisation. For example the product sold is sent to the stock control system, so that it can be deducted from the total number in stock. At the end of each day the sales data is sent to the head office for analysis.

Hardware Used in retail A number of different types of hardware are used in the system. The most visible one is the EPOS terminal or till. This is used to enter sales as they occur and print out a receipt. The till also sends information to a database stored on a PC, which keeps track of all the sales. Many shops will use bar code readers to automate the process of entering a sale. This is quick to use and makes sure that there are no errors.

Manufacturing What the department does Now we are going to look at the sales department in a large manufacturing company that makes leather jackets. The company sells it’s jackets to retail stores so the main job of the sales department is to let potential customers know about the product and sell it to the retail stores. The company will use adverts in trade magazines to let shops know about the product. They also employ a team of sales executive who visits stores to show shop managers the product.

Sales system Input The inputs of the system are the information that goes into the advert. These include the text and pictures, which may be prepared in advance in a graphics package and word processing Software. Process The processes of the system involve taking the text and images that have been input and laying them out in a desktop publishing package. Once that is done the work is saved and sent to the printer to be checked. Finally the finished artwork is emailed to the magazine publisher to be incorporated into their magazine. Output The only output of the system is the finished advert. This is sent to the publisher. A copy of the advert is also printed to be checked by the staff in the sales department.

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