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‘Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating and then meeting the needs and requirements of consumers in order to make a profit’ This is also a very important part of Chelsea, Chelsea Fact’s market researchers are known as scouts, they study, analyse and gather information on a particular club, for example their rivals arsenal, or a particular footballer for example Ronaldiniho. If they are interested in a player and want to find out more they will send a scout to asses the player in detail. The Mega store will also have market researchers for new merchandise; therefore they may need to gather data from the Chelsea fans in the form of questionnaires asking them what they want more of and less of.

Chelsea promotes their team by means of their logo being on the football shirt and on top of the premier league. It is simple, the higher you are in the premier league the more fans you may have; this is also known as glory hunting. They also promote their team by their game, promote the Chelsea game and you are promoting the club. The advertising department also focus to advertise Chelsea’s goods or services on their website, where many Chelsea supporters visit each day. The website includes; their ‘Fantasy Football their sponsors, Samsung, information on products, history etc.

Chelsea prices their tickets from results given by their scouts. They asses other football clubs prices and price their tickets in the same region. They also price their shirts and merchandise the same. Pricing in the burger bars is different, because you are in a stadium with 40,000 other fans you can expect to pay a lot of money for a burger. Finance and accounts – monitoring income and expenditure The main purpose of the finance department is to make sure they receive enough money to pay their bills, for example, if a business had just received many order but had no money to pay their bills they may fall bankrupt although they are receiving orders. As with any business they need to keep to a budget. Income, by prize money, sponsorship and ticket sales. Expenditure, by cleaning costs, electricity bills and buying players.

Administration and IT – communication, Production and customer service Communication between employees within the Chelsea F.C business is vital, whether via email, phone or mail communication must be maintained 24 hours a day. Communication may involve, a scout reporting his assessment of a player to the clubs manager or even a simple note from a secretary explaining her absence.

In the production of a target item may have many functional areas involved: The production and planning department will set targets for example, a target audience. The purchasing department will be responsible for providing the materials for example, blank CD ROMs. The stores department will be responsible for stocking all the necessary tools for example, a mass CD writer. The design and technical support department will be responsible for researching new products for example, the next club Chelsea football game. The works department will be concerned with the manufacture of products for example, the CD’s made in china to cut costs.

Customer service is a ‘primary activity associated with after-sale support to enhance or to maintain the value of the product or service’ therefore customer service inside Chelsea village may include this scenario: the Chelsea village credit card has mistakenly withdrew funds from a persons card, the employee at the customer service department will call the person to notify him/her that funds have been withdrawn and that they are sorry for any inconvenience caused. This is an example of a good customer service policy. Other businesses that may include the customer service department are: the Mega store – faulty games etc.

Functional areas of VGS Human Resources – training, health and safety and trade unions The main purpose of the human resource department is to find the right employee, the right amount of employees and at the right time, achieving this will fulfil the purpose of the human resource department Packagers, lorry drivers, pickers and more need to be trained to do their job with accordance to VGS. For example Jimmy Russo employs a new lorry driver, the driver will need to be trained to use the ‘blackberry’ PDA, and also the driver must be trained so that he/her is familiar with the lorry that he/she is training for.

Health and safety issues involve packaging machinery not being used when a qualified member is operating it etc. Trade unions may involve the farmer’s rights, this is important to the employees of VGS but to Jimmy and Vince it may be an annoyance. Sales and Marketing – Market research, promotion, pricing Because VGS is a partnership they employ very little people, the market researcher at VGS is Jimmy Russo. VGS would research their supplying stores, for example Sainsbury and waitrose, observing what the customers demands are – what they want and what they don’t want. The researchers may research other suppliers like VGS and what they grow and also researching what they sell more of.

VGS promote their goods on their website. But they are also listed elsewhere, for example ‘list of approved traders’ website. VGS do not promote their pricing on their website, but they may price there products from gathered market research from other suppliers or Sainsbury and waitrose may just give them a price. Finance and accounts – monitoring income and expenditure As with any business they need to keep to a budget. Income, by selling goods to Sainsbury and waitrose, Expenditure, by cleaning costs, electricity bills and buying new machinery.

Administration and IT – communication and customer service Communication is a very important functional are in VGS, especially between lorry drivers and VGS Nazing. The lorry drivers carry handheld ‘Blackberry’ PDA devices, this is updated by satellites, this displays: traffic conditions, GPS, weather conditions and also hold other useful information. VGS are dedicated in producing high quality fresh produce. This is shown in there: packing method – wrapped in cellophane and also there grading method – the ‘traffic light’ grading

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