S.W.O.T. Analysis

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Top competitors of Wild Oats Market in selling organic products are GNC, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Markets, Wild by Nature and Mother’s Market and Kitchen. These companies are some of the names being trusted in the industry. Each has their own style of attracting customers and making their products seem better than that of the other. Among these companies the top competitor of Wild Oats is Whole Foods. Whole Foods started in Austin Texas in 1980. Most of its products are perishable meaning that there are no other chemicals added to their products.

They have a total of one hundred eighty-seven stores stationed in Canada, United Kingdom and thirty states in the United States of America. The company pride themselves in being in touch with Mother Nature and that consumers are sure that their products are as organic as it can get. In terms of stores, Whole Foods have conquered farther than that of Wild Oats. They too have more stores stationed than that of the latter. The oldest organic company is said to be GNC because it has been founded in 1935. Currently there are 5,853 stores worldwide with 12640 employees running the business.

They have been one of the trusted names when it comes to organic products. The net income of the company has reach thirty four million pesos for the last twelve months. Most of their products are nutritional supplements like vitamins and dietary products. GNC also has a tie up with Rite-Aid in making their private-labeled products. Being the oldest company, some may say that GNC has an edge among the others regarding heir experience in the field and that they might have already established set of loyal consumers that have been passed on for generations.

Trader’s Joe started as a convenient store in 1958. The first store was located in Los Angeles. Trader’s Joe was first handled by Joe Coulombe and was transferred to Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1979. Nowadays, there are more than two hundred fifty stores located in twenty states around America. They have upscale their products to include organic produce and nutritional supplements. They have recorded a revenue growth of sixty percent in 2004 with an income of 4000 million dollars.

Trader’s Joe has concentrated their stores in the United States unlike that of its competitors that has conquered other countries as well. Competition becomes beneficial for one company when because without it there will be no need for innovations and changes in the industry. Consumers have a choice thus companies are always evolving to make their products and company more appealing. Strength They have a very god connection with the consumers with the community projects that they take part into Have released more of their own line of products making the profit more centered.

Products are competitive in the market and are gaining regular customers Have launched seminars about the organic foods they have as well as cooking and wellbeing tips. They are in the process of upgrading their old stores. Weakness Still have a few stores as compared to that of its competitive stores in the market Employees are still young in the process of innovating their ideas Wild Oats is still young in the business as compared to its counterparts experiences Their retail stores are still small as compared to that of others

Opportunities Invest in information technology to create better products and to reach more consumers Distribution system and marketing strategies are being centralized Set of general standards for all their products that is in accordance with the USDA standard. Support facilities Threats Organic products shelf life is shorter than that of processed ones. Product price competition Economic fluctuations of the industry of organic products Piracy of management team Complaints against the product use’s safety

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