Rules Of Triathlon

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As enjoyable, exciting and challenging as the game of Triathlon is, it also has very strict rules that need to be followed no matter what. These are very easy to understand rules and very simple but are often violated by athletes who are in too much of a hurry to win. It is important to understand that winning is important, yes it is the aim of the game but the sportsmanship spirit needs to be kept in mind at all times. There is nothing like a neat, fair game where everyone wants to win yet understands the rules and plays along. Some of Triathlon gaming rules are here.

On the Cycling course, a cyclist needs to be on his bike at all times. There shall be no time in which he is found walking or running the remaining distance even if his bike malfunctions. The competitor needs to be wearing his bike helmet at all times while he is on the bike. He might be in a hurry to reach the end but he is not allowed to take his helmet off until he dismounts from the bike. This is for his own safety and to prevent injuries and accidents that unfortunately enough occur a lot in this event. If this rule is not followed, the competitor might be disqualified from the entire tournament.

Wet suits are allowed in the swimming competition only if the temperature of the water is below 26 degrees Celsius. This often happens as a lot of times in the swimming event. The swimmers have to go through the arduous task of swimming outdoors and it is really cold and the temperature is definitely not suitable for a naked body.

The total time taken for an athlete to complete the race is calculated using the total time used by him to complete the swimming round, then the transition period after the swimming round which he might use to change into his cycling gear and resettle himself. Then the time of the cycling round is calculated, after which the time taken in the second transition to get onto his running shoes and gear is counted and then finally the time he takes to complete the last lap which is the running part is taken into consideration.

Any of the athletes are in no way allowed to receive any form of help or assistance from anyone while in the transition periods, to put on shoes, change gear, get water and others, apart from the tournament sanctioned volunteers who are there for this very purpose. This is a very strict rule for personal trainers to make sure that they don’t come out and start helping their trainees.

In most races now, drafting is not allowed whether in the case of swimming or cycling. This topic is still debated amongst important committee members as some suggest that drafting will make the task easier and more enjoyable for athletes while some say that it is making Triathlon too similar to regular tournaments and thus in the process taking away its charm.

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