Rules Of One Day International Cricket

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One Day International (ODI) can be described as one of the forms of cricket wherein the game is played between the two national cricket teams and each of the sides plays for fifty overs. The world cup of Cricket is also based on the same format. The other name that has also been given to One Day International Cricket is ‘Limited Overs International (LOI)’. This is because in this game, there are limited overs being played between two national sides.

In case the weather is not favorable and the result is not possible to be declared on the first day due to some other reasons, then the game is continued on the second day. Thus, in this type of format, a second reserve day is always kept so as to ensure that the game can be completed and fair results can be declared.

In this game of One Day International Cricket, there are two teams contesting with each other which comprise 11 players each. These two teams generally represent two different countries. The toss is generally conducted between the captains of the two teams. The captain who wins the toss gets the choice of batting or bowling first in the game. It is the team that will bat first which will generally set the target score for the second team.

The innings continues until all the players of the batting team loose their wicket. Each bowler from the bowling team side has the restriction to bowl a maximum of ten overs. The team that bats second tries to win by gaining a score that is higher than the target score. In case, both the teams land up scoring the same number of runs, then a draw is declared and none of the teams comes out as the unanimous winner.

This format of cricket is very much different from test cricket which can generally take up to 5 days to complete before the game to arrive at a result. In this format of cricket, each of the teams is allowed to play a single innings wherein they are allowed to bat for a limited number of overs. This format also has some of the set restrictions for the fielders with respect to the different positions that they are required to take. It is because of these restrictions that the teams are refrained from placing the fielders particularly on the edge of the field so as to avoid the boundaries. In order to ensure that the spectator’s interest can be built in the game, most of the times, the players of the two teams have brightly-colored attire. This also contributes to the enhancement and the appeal to the different television networks that are set to broadcast these one day international matches.

The first ever One Day International Cricket started in 1960s and it was played between the English Country teams. The match was held in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, this game involves aggressive, risky as well as highly entertaining batting; therefore it keeps most spectators glued to the game. This is also more exciting in comparison to the test cricket as they do not have to ensure a continued attendance for a period of five days as what is required in test cricket.

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