Rules Of Boxing

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Boxing can be described as a combat sport or martial art. This sport generally involves two people. These two people could be male or female. Most of the times, the two people who are involved generally possess the same weight and they make use of their fists to fight with each other.

There are determined numbers of rounds in a boxing match and these rounds are typically of three-minute duration. A total of up to 12 rounds are generally included as part of a boxing match. The coach of each fighting member is given a time of 1 minute to spend with his team member in their assigned corners so that they can be given specified piece of advice. The referee is the prime person who is known to control the fight between the two contestants. The referee generally works within the ring itself and the prime job of this referee is to evaluate the manner in which the two fighters conduct themselves in a ring. He is the person who generally supervises boxing. He has to also ensure that the opponents fight safely with each other and at the same time he has to rule out the fouls in the game.

There are three judges normally present in the ring side who have the responsibility to score the bouts and they are also responsible for assigning the points to each of the boxers. The evaluation is generally passed by the judges based on the punches used by the two fighters, the defense techniques that are used, the knockdown approaches and some of the more subjective measures. Thus, the judgment in this game is generally is open-ended in nature. Therefore, most of the times, controversial results may be associated with most of the fights. This is because in many of the cases, the two involved fighters are of the opinion that they have been denied of the victory in the game because of the unfair judgment having passed.

As a part of this game, each of the boxers is assigned a specified corner in the ring. In this area, the coach of the team is allowed to spend some time with his team member in the beginning as well as during the different rounds. At the beginning of each round, both the boxers are required to enter into the ring from their assigned corners. They are also required to finish fighting and they must approach their corners when there is signal with respect to the end of each of the rounds.

The winner is generally declared based on the score of each of the fighters during the sport. Since three judges are involved in this sport, therefore it is possible to arrive at a unanimous as well as split decision. There is a possibility that a particular fighter may be knocked down in the middle of the fight. This is generally determined by whether this fighter touches the floor of the ring or not. A knock out will be declared if one of the fighter touches the floor with any of his body parts other than the feet and this has happened because of the punch by the opposing fighter and not because of a slip. The decision related to a knock out will be generally taken by a referee. If the fighter is able to return to a fighting position till the referee has finished his counting up to ten, then he is allowed to continue his game. In the other circumstances, the opposing fighter is declared a winner as a result of a knockout.

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