Ruby Tuesdays Swot Analysis

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Explain the restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses, and Justify your explanation. Ruby Tuesday, develops and operates casual dining restaurants, the restaurants serves American style food with a variety of appetizer, handcrafted burgers, a garden bar, which offers about 38 items, fresh chicken, steaks, salmon, tailpipe, crab cakes, fork-tender and ribs. The restaurant can be found across the US and 13 other countries and regions under the Ruby Tuesday brand. The company offer franchises for the Ruby Tuesday concept in domestic and international markets. . Identify one (1) way in which the restaurant can utilize its strengths and minimize its weaknesses to be competitive. Explain why you believe this would be effective. Competitive advantage seeks to address some of the criticisms of comparative advantage. Michael Porter proposed the theory in 1985. Porter emphasizes productivity growth as the focus of national strategies. Competitive advantage rests on the notion that cheap labor is ubiquitous and natural resources are not necessary for a good economy.

The other theory, comparative advantage, can lead countries to specialize in exporting primary goods and raw materials that trap countries in low- wage economies due to terms of trade. Competitive advantage attempts to correct for this issue by stressing maximizing scale economies in goods and services that garner premium prices (Stout and War Competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors.

These attributes can include access to natural resources, such as high grade ores or inexpensive power, or access to highly trained and skilled personnel human resources. New technologies such as robotics and information technology can provide competitive advantage, whether as a part of the reduce itself, as an advantage to the making of the product, or as a competitive aid in the business process (for example, better identification and understanding of customers).

The term competitive advantage is the ability gained through attributes and resources to perform at a higher level than others in the same industry or market (Christensen and Fay 1984, Kay 1994, Porter 1980 cited by Charging and Lynch 1999, p. 45). [2] The study of such advantage has attracted profound research interest due to contemporary issues regarding superior performance levels of firms in the present competitive market conditions.

A firm is said to have a competitive advantage when it is implementing a value creating strategy not simultaneously being implemented by any current or potential player” (Barney 1991 cited by Clown et al. 2003, p. 221). [3] Successfully implemented strategies will lift a firm to superior performance by facilitating the firm with competitive advantage to outperform current or potential players (Passed and Collation 2000, p. 8). [4] To gain competitive advantage a business strategy of a firm manipulates the various resources over which it has direct control and these resources have the ability to enervate competitive advantage (Reed and Fillip 1990 cited by Recriminating Ruby Tuesdays Soot Analysis By merger resources reflects competitive advantage (Day and Wesley 1988 cited by Luau 2002, p.

Above writings signify competitive advantage as the ability to stay ahead of present or potential competition, thus superior performance reached through competitive advantage will ensure market leadership. Also it provides the understanding that resources held by a firm and the business strategy will have a profound impact on generating competitive advantage. Powell (2001, p. 2)[7] views business strategy as the tool that manipulates the resources and create competitive advantage, hence, viable business strategy may not be adequate unless it possess control over unique resources that has the ability to create such a unique advantage. Summarizing the view points, competitive advantage is a key determinant of superior performance and it will ensure survival and prominent placing in the market. Superior performance being the ultimate desired goal of a firm, competitive advantage becomes the foundation highlighting the significant importance to develop same.

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