Rowing – The Basics

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Rowing is one of the water sports which can be considered as a type of water race. In this race, the different athletes participate in a race against each other. This sport generally takes place on a water boy which could be a lake, an ocean or a river.

The selection of the water body primarily depends upon the type of the race involved and also the discipline in which the event is taking place. As a part of this sport, the different athletes will push their boats against water. A propelling force is used to push the boats. This is possible through the application of the reaction forces which are applied on the oar blades. Rowing has been identified to be not just a recreational water sport but this sport is also highly competitive and there are a number of international competitions that have been recognized for this sport.

The role of overall fitness of an athlete is well established in this water sport. As far as the Olympic sports are concerned, Rowing is one of the oldest sports. The amateur rowing that takes place at the collegiate and high school level is termed as crew. This term is more common in the United States.

When an athlete is sitting in the boat and when he indulges in the activity of rowing, his position is backwards; that is, he sits on the side of the stern. The athlete generally makes use of the oars in order to ensure that the boat can be propelled in the forward direction. The oars are generally kept in a steady position on the boat by placing them along with the oarlocks. Rowing is a sport that requires an athlete to have a lot of cardiovascular strength and endurance. He should also possess immense physical strength and he should be also able to maintain strong core balance.

The equipment and the techniques involved in the sport of rowing are uniform across the different parts of the world and they have been consistently recognized. However, different parts of the world do have different types of competition of rowing. Amongst the most common types of competitions of rowing include Olympic Games, stake racing, endurance races, bumps racing, etc. Since, this sport has a long glorious history behind it, therefore a number of formats have resulted for rowing over a period of time in the different parts of the world. Since there are different formats observed at different places for the sport, therefore even the restrictions and requirements associated with these formats are different.

The two most common forms of rowing are sweep and sculling. Sweep-oar rowing is a type of rowing wherein the athlete ensures to hold one oar with both his hands. The main difference that exists in sculling is that, in sculling, the athlete is handling two oars at any given point in time and these two oars are present as one in each of his hands. There are definite differences between rowing and the other water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and others.

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