Rowing Famous Athletes

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Rowing has a long history starting with the beginning of oarsmen. It is a sport that has many fans and also many famous athletes that had marvelous skills and talent.
Pertti Karpinnen from Finland is one of the most famous athletes of this sport. He is a triple Olympic gold medalist. He became famous very early due to his skills and overall performance and due to the fact that Finland has not been a force in rowing since then. His talent was obvious and he started competing in events very soon and no later gained his reputation. He is famous for being strong and fast and for his rivalry with his opponent at the time, Peter-Michael Kolbe. Karpinnen has made a bet to win four consecutive gold medals, but he stopped at three after finishing seventh in Seoul games. He remains however, a famous athlete for his skills and his history.
The history of rowing famous athletes started long before that. Australian Stuart Mackenzie was one of the most famous athletes of his times. He is mostly famous of winning the record number of six consecutive Diamond Sculls at the Henley Royal Regatta on River Thames. Mackenzie took part at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 and won silver medal after stopping rowing because he thought he had finished the race. Vyacheslav Ivanov was the winner at that race and one of the biggest opponents for Mackenzie. They have met each other in several events raising the interest of the game. Although Mackenzie was very famous, he was not that popular in England. His behavior was interpreted as arrogance and this made him lose fans. For example, he once stopped rowing during a race to adjust his cap and giving time to his opponents to catch up with him. He then easily rowed faster and won the race.

Steve Redgrave from Great Britain is also a famous athlete with many victories at his career. He is one of the five Olympians that have won at least one gold medal in five successive Olympic Games. Apart from showing the excellent skills these athletes have, this fact is also important as it demonstrates the high standard and their stability in being gold medalists and number one athletes in their era. Redgrave was teamed with Cross, Budgett, Holmes and Ellison in the Coxed Fours when they won many medals. He then teamed with Holmes for the Coxless Pair when they won the 1988 Olympic Games and later teamed with Pinsent to win both in Barcelona and Atlanta. Redgrave had announced that Atlanta games of 1996 would be the last game of his career. However, he did not retire. On the contrary, he teamed with Pinsent, Cracknell and Foster and won the Coxless Fours in the Olympic games of 2000 in Sydney. He is mostly famous for his medals in Olympic Games that gave him his reputation and brought him to the top five athletes to have ever won gold medals in five Olympic Games. However, he has also eight gold medals from Olympic events at the World Rowing Championships.

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