Role of Deputy Manager at topshop

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The holiday pay and sick pay for the Deputy Manager of Topshop allows the Deputy Manager to take time off when they are taking a holiday but because the job role is quite an important part to the business then the number of times that they will be able to take off will be limited because the deputy manager has greater responsibility towards the business and the business will run smoothly by the help of this person.

If the business does not need as much help at a particular period then the time the deputy manager will be allowed to take time off for emergencies that may be needed. When it is the actual holiday times such as the summer holiday or then there will be no pay for the holiday time taken because this is one of the busiest times for the shop and the most customers will come and a lot more of employees will be needed. If for any reason the deputy manager is ill and has a reason ten they will be paid sick pay as this is not their fault.

If time is taken off for any old reason and the deputy manager is expecting to be paid the sick pay then they will not be paid because the employer needs proof to show that they are ill and because the business will take this seriously as the business may struggle due to the absence of the deputy manager. In order for the deputy manager to take time they will have to give a weeks notice to the employer so that the business can get replacement employees for work for that period or the employer might not allow the deputy manager to take time off because it will be too late for them to set a schedule and everything will be hard to take care of.

Also there will be a limited time as to how long they will have their holiday and the deputy manger like any other employee is to be back at work when the holiday time is finis. If the deputy manager takes time off with out consulting the employer then there will be no holiday pay for them. When there is extra help needed during the holidays then the deputy manager will be asked to come and work. During that time they will get paid extra than the actual amount they get paid for the usual holiday time off because this is their time. Health and Safety

In the contract of employment it clearly states that health and safety issues so that the employee knows what to do if anything happens and what to be aware of for the health and safety. Such issues that may occur in the work place are problems with the tills and they may crash so the employee needs to be careful because this may causer them to have a shock. Because there are electrical equipment around the shop such as tills, barcode scanner, alarm that is at the door . The employees need to be careful that they do not spill anything on the floor to avoid any injuries.

Other accidents that can be made are spills of drink on the floor because there may not be any carpets on the floor causing the employees and the customers to fall. There may be wooden flooring and some of the customers and the employees may be wearing slippery shoes so it has to be made sure that the floor is not slippery and the deputy manager and other employees need to make sure that they wear suitable shoes because they will be around the shop all day. The hours of work The number of hours that the deputy manager will be working is from Monday to Saturday allowing them to have the Sunday off.

The numbers of hours on these days of work will be 7 hours each stating from 10 o’ clock to 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, this will mean that there is a total of 42 hours a week. These numbers of hours may change because of the amount of other members of staff that work ion the shop so the deputy manger may need to work their time. If there are any emergencies then the shop any need to close and the amount of hours that they work will change or may be even extend when it is times like Christmas and it becomes busy.

Even when the shop is closed the deputy manager might need to stay behind to discuss any changers that are to be made or to change the schedule so they may need to use their own working time, this will not affect the numbers of hours that they are working because this is not a working hour. The Deputy Manager should have some experience. This is one of the main people working ion Topshop because they will be keeping everything together and they will control what happens in the work place.

The deputy manger is responsible for the other employees that work there and have to make sure that everything is running smoothly . if there are any problems then they may have top sort it out. The deputy manager should have ideas so that the business will benefit and they improve on the performance of the business. Unforeseen things that happen the deputy manager The unforeseen things that may happen in a work place are things like having to do extra hours because this is not stated on the contract of employment.

The hours that the deputy manager works is more than what is stated on the contract of employment when it should not be. Because the deputy manager is important they may have to do more hours of work and the other employees may not be asked because they have not got a big role in the business. Someone will need tom work longer when they are busy and the shop any close later the business will want to get more money so they work for longer hours. If the deputy manger works for longer hours then they will get paid for working overtime because they have given up their time and it is only fair to pay them more.

Other unforeseen things that may happen in the job role are the deputy manger doing the work of other employees because they are short staffed so this means that the deputy manager may not have any breaks. If the employee’s job is not carried out then the business may not make as much profit as they should be. Also the deputy manager may not have the same length of holiday time during the holiday the deputy manager might need to do some paper work because they are behind so their holiday time will be cut but they will get paid more, the deputy manager may not have any choice because the business really needs help.

Sick pay might not be paid all the time because that job rile is important and the deputy manger needs to be in as much as possible although it may not be their fault that they are ill ,the employees will need someone to be in charge. The deputy manger may be move around a lot to different topshops and this may be difficult for the deputy manger because they have to sort out work everywhere and they have to travel even more. On the contract of employment it may have just stated that the deputy manger will be working just ion one Topshop branch.

Reasons for recruitment procedures The reasons why there are recruitment procedures are because the business needs to find the suitable person for the job and if there aren’t any recruitment procedures then the business may end up recruiting someone that is not suitable for the job role and this will waste the time of the business and make the business lose money. If the business just recruit the first person that they find this will not give then the opportunity if finding an applicant that has high quality of work.

Even if the person that they recruit will be good at the job they could have found someone who is even better. By putting up an advertisement to get more applicants the business will have more of a variety of applicants with different abilities. When the business realize that they need to get someone for the job then they make a person specification which tells the customers the qualifications and the skills that are required so that customers can check whether they could get the job or not.

The first step by giving a job description is important because if there are not any job description s then the applicants that are looking for the job will not know the job duties and what they will be doing and the amount of salary so they can know how much they are getting paid that required for that particular job and they may find that the applicants that they have can do completely different job duties to what is written on the job description.

The job description gives the customer an idea if what they need so those customers that do not match up to the job description will know that they should not apply. Advertisements are placed up at different places so applicants from different areas can see the job advertisement and they can apply for the job. This is so that they get applicants from that live ion different areas and so that the customers are aware that there is a job to be offered or they will never know and even if they ask inside if any jobs are available using the advertisement will get them more customers.

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