Rodriguez to miss 4 to 6 weeks due to surgery

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Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez is scheduled to have surgery on the injury on his right knee.

The player arrived at the decision after the second opinion he got in Miami on Sunday.

Prior to that doctor’s visit, an MRI scan showed a meniscus tear, though slight, in his right knee.

Sources from revealed that the surgery will be set on Monday and will take place in Miami.

The 35-year-old Rodriguez reportedly hoped to play through the injury. Having been out of the New York Yankees’ lineup the second day in a row, he finally chose surgery that would keep him out of the games for about four to six weeks.

Joe Girardi, Yankees manager, admitted they would miss Rodriguez, but said they would have to find a way.

“I’ve said several times already this year,” he emphasized, “Some people are going to have to step up.”

He conceded that the team had already stepped up coming to this point, and that they were definitely looking forward to Rodriguez’s return.

“We know what he adds to this team,” he said.

The schedule reportedly played a bit of a role in the Yankee’s decision. Apparently, the four to six week healing period will match the coming All-Star break, meaning Rodriguez would not miss quite as many games.

In addition, the first eight games set for the Yankees have their second half played mostly on artificial surface. This meant he might not be likely called upon to be the everyday third baseman anyway.

Rodriguez has recently gone through the longest dry season of his entire career, not having homered in 85 at-bats. His 13-season streak with a minimum of 30 homers is reportedly in jeopardy.

It was at Wrigley Field that he reportedly pulled his knee, back in July 19, and the tear has apparently reduced his speed on the bases. His past 16 games had given a batting average of .359 with 10 RBIs, and recently he has started to resemble a singles hitter more.

His teammate CC Sabathia, starter to the Yankees, had played through an injury similar to Rodriguez’s last season, and came through with a 3.18 ERA, having won 21 games. However, the strains on a pitcher compared to an infielder are in different levels, and it might not be fair to make a comparison.

In fact, Girardi described the injury as being on the leg that Rodriguez uses to push off when he swings.

When Derek Jeter was out with an injury on his calf, Eduardo Nunez filled in at shortstop, and with this recent development Nunez might likely be the choice for third base for most of the games that Rodriguez would miss.

In any case, he is expected to be back in time for at least the final month of the regular season.

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