Rings Used In Gymnastics

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One of the apparatus that is especially useful in artistic gymnastics is the rings. The other name that is generally used for the rings is still rings. The use of the rings is generally made by the male gymnasts in most of the circumstances. This is because for handling this apparatus, one of the pre-requisites is the strength in the upper part of body which is generally available in the male gymnasts. While giving a performance using the rings ion gymnastics, the gymnasts will always choose to wear ring grips.

The exact description of how the rings are available for gymnastics is an apparatus which includes a support frame from which two rings are hanging. Since there are no straps and cables, therefore it is required that the gymnast should be trained enough to sufficiently control the ring movement while he is performing with the rings.

The standard specifications are matched for by most of these apparatus with respect to the inner diameter, distance between the lower inner side of the rings and the point of attachment and also the distance that exists between the two points of attachment. The elements that are included while a gymnast exercises on the rings are hold, strength and swing. The requirements that are generally required to be fulfilled by most gymnasts while performing with the rings include aerial dismount, a sufficient swing and a strength hold which is generally static in nature. The experiences gymnasts will generally land up performing greater number of elements that is they do not just restrict themselves to a single element. They will indulge either swinging into different hold positions or they will sometimes also take the initiative of performing the various types of holds.

Iron Cross has been recognized as one of the most significant skills while a gymnast is performing on the rings. While displaying this skill, the gymnast will generally make effort to suspend his body into the air and he will then be extending both his hands along the two sides and in a straight manner and maintain this position for at least for two seconds. The other types of strength moves that may also be performed by the gymnasts while they are performing with the rings include Maltese cross, inverted cross, etc. Inverted cross is nothing but exactly a vertical inversion of the Iron Cross. In case of Maltese Cross, the body is held parallel to the ground. This is generally ensured at the height of the ring and arms are extended in a lateral position.

While using the rings, as far as the scoring system is concerned, the deductions that will be taken by the gymnasts would be similar to those while making use of the other apparatus. The deductions are also ensured to be made by the gymnasts for having the arms in a bent form as a part of the strength elements or making use of the cables and straps in order to ensure that they are able to balance themselves. Even excessive swinging of the cables also leads to deductions.

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