Responsibility and Accountability

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Responsibility and accountability go hand in hand in everyday life and situations that may occur. How would someone use responsibility and accountability in life? There are multiple ways you could use either of the two. Apart of growing and becoming a mature adult is learning responsibility as well as accountability. If you fail to take responsibility for your actions or to be held accountable for something you may have done then you may never catch the full grasp of being a mature adult. To define responsibility it means to take responsibility to someone or for some action.

Responsibility is something you learn as a minor. Being responsible is a learned behavior. It is not an accident and it requires patience as well as effort. For example, as a child you are taught to tell the truth. If you marked on the wall with a marker and you tell your parents that it was you and not someone else then you’ve taken responsibility for what you have done, you are held accountable for the marking on the wall. If you don’t learn accountability I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to take responsibility for your actions.

Accountability is normally viewed as being responsible, giving an explanation of your actions, to somebody for something. When you take 100 percent responsibility for holding yourself accountable, your performance will improve, your relationships will flourish, your value will soar, people’s respect for you will skyrocket, you will be a great example for others to follow, and your self-esteem will grow. You cannot achieve any professional or personal worthwhile goal if you don’t hold yourself accountable.

Responsibility to me is acknowledging responsibility for actions and decisions made, accepting the consequences that may follow from them, and understanding that others around will be involved. Every day choices or decisions are made from experiences taught or from experiences learned. The only choices people want to be responsible for are the decisions considered honorable or right. People also make bad decisions but do not want to be accountable for them. In life the choices made will guide the way people live whether responsible or irresponsible.

As an adult, understanding and accepting responsibility is the key to success. Although many people do not stop to think what responsibility really truly means to them, they have never realized that living without it could potentially jeopardize your way of life, your career goals, but also your relationship with others. The difference between responsibility and accountability is that responsibility involves having authority over one’s actions whereas accountability is being liable or answerable for one’s actions. This distinction is important in the nursing profession as it helps them determine outcomes and set commitments.

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