Responding to Waiting for Godot

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In the play we see Vladimir and Estrogon waiting in an isolated place where we meat the two characters. They are waiting for another person to arrive who is called Godot. The two characters Vladimir and Estrogon are speaking about waiting for someone who they have never met or don’t even know if he is going to show up.

While they are waiting a strange man shows up who is called Pozzo with a slave called Lucky. Lucky is seen as a sad character with no voice and whenever he try’s to talk everyone else silences him.

Estrogon and Vladimir explain that they are not from the area and we also don’t know to what extent Pozzo and Lucky are there for.

Vladimir is always trying to leave the wasteland but never actually moves on.

We see Estrogon and Vladimir are in a hopeless situation in which they are waiting for someone who they have never met but are afraid to leave in case he does show up. Even sadder was the fact is that Vladimir is a negative character and that even though he wanted to leave he stayed in a wasteland with only Pozzo, Lucky and a tree for company and never leaves.

Even though Vladimir and Estrogon are seen as having sad people their actions are more comical and clown like. This could be seen as ironic that people who use body language to show humour have desperate and sad personality.

An important part of the play is that Estrogon and Vladimir don’t have the will power to leave and instead of actually going all they do is talk about it. This shows us the characters are weak minded and paranoid to leave in case Godot shows up.

Apart from this we don’t really see into their personality the only other clue to them is their clown like actions. The mystery surrounding their personality adds to the overall mystery of who is Godot and why are they waiting for him.

In the workshop we used several explorative strategies to develop the piece. One of these was cross cutting with a split scene. In this the group divided into 2. On one side Estrogon and Vladimir acted out what happened before the script while the other half acted out what happened for Pozzo and Lucky. We also created a scene which happened after the scripted piece which saw Pozzo leave and Estrogon and Vladimir confront Lucky about weather Pozzo is trust worthy.

Another strategy used was hot seating in which one person was put on the spot and asked question by other members of the group. In our group we asked different questions for different characters for example we asked Lucky why he let Pozzo treat you this way. This was to get a better understanding of the characters.

In our group we each took on different roles from the script. We also took a script each and annotated it to see how characters would act. In the workshop we would swap round the groups to get a better understanding of other characters to get a better understanding of the script.

For my character I was Vladimir. For this character I mainly focused on the physical actions to show his clown like personality. I also used the character voice to show how much of a bad situation they were in a bad situation.

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