RESOURCES needed for my business to succeed

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They are all the objects needed to set up and running of the business. So in this case, before we start trading, we need to take on board the shop and its premises as well as employees to that will be working and operating the shop. For the business to run effectively to sell our product and provide the service we have aimed to do, we need to have all the necessary goods.

So therefore we have a contract with a supplier called Solutions Center Ltd, who will deliver stock using the procedure Just In Time (JIT), as in the market today customers are interested in a quick service and in the business world time is very important, as if you don’t have it in stock your customers will be going somewhere else to buy. I will need only a few stock to start off my business which will cost around i??

6,000 This is a print screen of my supplier’s website we needs to ensure that the shop looks best and presentable at all times, so therefore I have contracted a company called Rapeed Group who will offer a complete shop fitting service that is unrivalled, from shelving, flooring, air conditioning, lighting and signage. I chose this company over others because they specialised on the service they provide to people. This service will approximately cost me around i?? 10,000 which I fink is a reasonable price.

Here is a print screen of the company HD television Security system I will need a security system in order to prevent theft. This will be provided by ADT Security Company because they offer the best security service according to my research made as shown below. This will cost me about i?? 1,000 In order for us to operate effectively we need to ensure that we have all the necessary equipments and materials required for the business, such as tables and chairs.

A computer will be purchase from Comet recording stock and employees details, etc, we will also purchase two tills for the first year as the venture will be expected to be slow Insurance My business will need to be covered with insurance just in case there is an accident in the premises. So therefore, I did a research and found out one business solution was the best option for me as it covers all the necessary needs, which is shown on the print screen above. This will cost i?? 1,000 per month in total i?? 12,000 a year.

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