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Business cards are pieces of card with basic information on how to contact a company for any purpose such as queries, information on products, jobs etc. Business cards should contain many sources of communication enabling the customer to contact them in which way they think is easiest so Telephone numbers are mainly given with E-mail, Fax and address because these sources are available in most areas if not the business card would consist of some sort of communication suitable for that area. Faxes

Facsimile (fax) transmission involves machines designed to transmit graphical information via normal telephone lines. After a special fax number is dialled and the phone connection established, documents are fed through the machine, which takes approximately one to six minutes to scan and convert the information into electrical impulses. The impulses are carried along phone lines and a receiving machine changes the impulses back to text, making a copy, or facsimile, of the document in the sending machine.

Particularly in time-sensitive business transactions, fax communication became a popular alternative to express mail because it was faster and generally less expensive; electronic mail is, however, being increasingly used – and is faster and cheaper than fax. Faxes need to be send to compatible fax machines or something similar in order to read them and you also need a fax number of the person the fax is being sent to. Many people may not have the facilities to use a fax machine this is a major reason why companies use a variety of methods to communicate.

Personally I think that faxes take too long yet some small companies may not have other facilities to satisfy customers. Faxes can provide information that you cannot over the phone such as a map or other vital information through pictures. Invoices An invoice is a record of a sale to a customer. You use an invoice when payment for goods or services is not received at the time of delivery. The invoice indicates terms of payment that specify when you expect to receive the money owed to you. It is sent by a vendor to a customer that itemizes goods shipped or services performed, their price, and the terms of sale sent.

It has an invoice address, to which the invoice is being sent and a customer order number, which is unique for every customer with an additional column or space for a different address. The Quantity of the product, descriptions of the product price per single item, Net Amount, VAT rate ad VAT amount with the total. Memos Memos are almost always used within an organization and are usually informal in style. They are short and to-the-point and also have a direct style. Standard memos are divided into segments to organize the information and to help achieve the writer’s purpose.

A basic layout of a memo with additional information: Memo [Header] Always states that the document is a memorandum. To: Use the person’s name. Courtesy titles are not used. Cc: “Carbon Copy” — Normally this is actually a photocopy. From: Use your name. Use your title and position only if the weight of your position is necessary. Date: Month [spelled out], Day, Year. Subject: Brief statement of the subject. A very brief message is then given about the topic followed by why the memo is being written information and suggestions on topic (usually). Letter layouts

A basic letter would contain the address of the sender and the address to which the letter is being sent. Every company should produce a letter, as this is the most available and reasonable source of communication that customers and employers can use. Formal letters use formal techniques such as addressing someone with a certain title. Every one with a house can receive letters as long as they have a letterbox, a house number and post code. For example a letter of credit is a document issued by a bank authorizing the bearer to receive money from one of its foreign branches or from another bank abroad.

The order is non-negotiable, and it specifies a maximum sum of money not to be exceeded. Widely used by importers and exporters, the letter of credit is also made available to tourists by their home banks so that they may draw foreign currency while traveling abroad. When the instrument is directed to more than one agent, it is called a circular letter of credit. Publicity Flyer These are basically posters advertising the companies’ products in a way that catches the customer’s attention so they can be persuaded to use their merchandise and not someone else’s.

Flyers use persuasive techniques so an advertiser may stress, not the product, but the benefits that may be enjoyed by purchasing that product. Another basic persuader is the product name. Manufacturers have spent millions to establish their products as symbols of reliability and value. Once consumers gain confidence in it, the owner can use the product name and logo as a persuader, that is, as a device to reassure customers that all products bearing this symbol are reliable. The product name and logo are especially useful when the manufacturer introduces a new item to an existing line of goods.

Price appeal probably motivates more decisions to buy than any other appeal, and the magic words “sale” and “bargain” are directed at consumers with great enthusiasm. Closely allied to these plain and simple discount offers are the “something for nothing” lures, such as “buy two and get a third free”, “send for free sample”, and “trial offer at half price”. Substantial cash prizes are frequent inducements, as are “buy now, pay later” offers. As you can see business documents are used in businesses to give a professional image of that company to capture their provide audiences so they can do business as best as possible.

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