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Klenco is founded by Managing Director Peter Beh in 1971. It is joined shortly after by siblings and Director Daniel and Anne Bay. Starting with a small selection of cleaning machines and chemicals sold only in Singapore in the early years, it is now one of the largest independent suppliers of professional and industrial cleaning products in Asia, offering the most comprehensive scope of products to the pro cleaning industry. From cloths and wipes to modern janitorial tools, cleaning equipment and many others. It has earned a reputation for the high quality products that solves most cleaning problems.

Klenco is a respected name in the ASEAN region, China, South Asia where it markets and services its products through a network of subsidiaries and distributors. One of the products they offer to the hotel industry is the Cyclone S510. It is a heavy duty floor scrubber. Although it is heavier than the standard scrubber, it has a stronger motto and drive to sustain the increased weight. It can do what a regular scrubber can do only, faster as it exerts more pressure onto the floor to enable the housekeeper obtain better and quicker cleaning results.

With this machine, the housekeeper can obtain squeaky clean floors in a shorter period of time, increasing the efficiency. Another product is the Cyclone P450. It is used to wax and polish and clean various floor surfaces like vinyl, wood, cement and stones. The machine delivers wonderful results on the surfaces, giving hotels the clean and shiny appearance that is pleasing looking for the guests. Furthermore, the handle of the P450 allows the housekeeper to easily mount a vacuum unit where dust control is necessary.

It is definitely a very useful machine for achieving a shiny and well-polished floor. Also, there is the Typhoon 105, a vacuum cleaner capable of both dry and wet cleaning. It has a low noise level, keeping the environment quiet and pleasant for resting guests. It can also suck up almost all dirt with at least 1000 watts of high performance, keeping the hotel clean at all times. In addition it is very durable and a long lasting machine, saving repairing and replacing costs for the hotel.

Lastly it has a comprehensive range of accessories which can be changed to suit the cleaning job, making cleaning different surfaces more convenient for the housekeeper. Apart from machines, Klenco also provides cleaning chemicals to hotels. For instance the Power Brite. It is an effective and economical medium strength acidic cleaner used to remove rust and fungus deposits from surfaces like concrete and mosaic. It can also be used to brighten stainless steel surfaces. This product can be used more on a regular basis then other chemicals and hence can be used to clean displays in the hotel.

Personally, the highlight for me during the site visit was the hands-on session where we were given the opportunity to use the products ourselves, namely the Duplex Base 350 Escalator Cleaner, Cyclone S380, a single disc scrubber and Monsoon 909, a cold water high pressure cleaner. It was a very rare and exciting experience for me as we do not usually see such high technology cleaning equipment in our daily lives, let alone use it. I was quite apprehensive to try the first two machines at first as I was afraid that I could not maneuver them well despite the demonstration.

When we arrived at the last machine, the guide kept reassuring us that it was very easy to use and said that everyone had to experience it. After trying out the Monsoon 909, I realized that it was really simple to use and the outcome was absolutely amazing. With just a spray, all the mold and dirt were gone. I was very impressed after seeing how efficient and powerful the machines were. One of the equipment that they offer is firstly the Typhoon SE 20. It can remove tough stains and dirt from both the carpet and floor in just a single pass, with an s-shape wand to clean corners and low heights.

Despite its tank size, it is extremely portable. Made of extremely durable materials like stainless steel, it is very a long-lasting machine. Its adjustable heights ensures easy management. It also delivers optimal results after cleaning with its water pump with bypass. Secondly is the Tennant T3e, a scrubber. Weighing up to 41kg with a powerful 750 watt brush motor, it delivers a pressure so aggressive that can remove even the toughest stains. Not only that, it can withstand the harshest environments like corrosions, making it very durable. Its compact design allows easy manoeuvrings and operation.

In addition, it is a low noise level machine. Thirdly is the Tennant 2510/2550, a floor burnisher with a 20 in/50. 8 cm battery, providing 7-18 kg of pressure to the surface, it delivers superior performance and productivity for even burnishing. It is capable of sucking in and trapping fine dust for a better indoor air quality. It is easy to use with the adjustable height control, finger-tip controls and the easy remove of the pad and debris. The equipment has definitely made the work for the hotel housekeeping personnel easier and more efficient.

Traditional cleaning methods like using the mop or boom is not only time consuming but also labor intensive. With the help of the high technology machines, the hassle of having to wet the mop or change the water is gone. The housekeeping personnel will only have to plug in and let the machine do its thing. In addition, tough stains like coffee on the carpet might be almost impossible to remove when using the traditional method but becomes very easy when using the specific machine. This way rooms and surfaces can be cleaned and be sick and span as fast as possible for the hotel guests.

The dry vacuum cleaner can be maintained by checking the vacuum bag regularly to see how full it is and should be replaced before it’s full. Filters should be checked regularly to ensure that it is not clogged and are to be change when needed. The brushes, brush rollers and should also be inspected for it condition and remove debris or food residue to ensure that there is no hindrance of the air flow. The wheels should be kept clean for smooth movement. Vacuums with cracks should not be used. The exterior should be wiped and cleaned regularly to prevent any odors.

The single disc scrubbing can be maintained by draining the dirty water out the recovery tank, squeegee should be wiped and cleaned after every use. The batteries are to be recharged when needed. The filters should be checked by an authorized technician at least once a year, it should also be cleaned regularly to prevent any clogging to ensure smooth operation. The Auto scrubber can be maintained by removing the scrubbing pad when the machine is not in use. The pad should be hanged on the wall to let it dry and should be replaced when the quality is not good anymore. The tank should be cleaned after every use..

Let the machine to be fully charged before unplugging. Check the water level in batteries at least one a week and fill them when necessary. The squeegee should be wiped and rinsed before storage as all the debris will be there. When storing, the cover for tank should be opened to let the inside to be aired dry, preventing any bacteria from breeding inside. I would recommend hotels to use the Monsoon 909 for public areas like pools and drains. Its high efficiency and immediate results are suitable for hotels as hotels have to constantly provide a clean environment for the guests.

Facilities like the pools are used frequently by guests and hotels have to ensure its cleanliness at all times. Places like drains are filled with algae and mold and might attract pests. To maintain the level of hygiene and cleanliness, I strongly recommend the Monsoon 909 as it can remove almost all stains with its high pressure. Before the visit, I was not expecting such a wide range of equipment. After the visit, I had learnt that there are a lot of machines for different uses. This site visit was no doubt an eye opener for me as I witnessed the power and efficiency of various cleaning machines like the Monsoon 909.

I understood how the machines work and what they are used for. In addition to acquiring the knowledge of the mechanics, I too had learnt the importance of maintaining them in tip top condition and how Klenco go about ensuring the quality of the equipment. Overall, I really enjoyed this site visit as I got to see what cleaning equipment are used in modern hotels in order to increase their efficiency and even had the rare chance to try out a few of the machines myself. I not only had a great time there, I also had acquired valuable knowledge in regards to this field.

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