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The document is divided into three sections. Each section has separate use within the application form. There are hardly any images on the formal document. This is because it’s an application form and typical application form does not have any use of images. The image which is used on the Somerfield application is very effective. It makes the application form looks attractive and unique because application forms do not have any use of images. The image also fits in with the colour scheme of the leaflet which is green. The percent of data on the document is 70%, the rest of the percentage is white space.

The large percentage of white space brings out the text. It makes the information very eye catchy. There is 60% writing and 40% images. The large percentage of images makes the application form looks like a leaflet. This characteristic of the application form will make more people apply for the Somerfield Saver card. The font on the application form is Aerial. Aerial is a simple font and because this Somerfield application form is simple, the font style fits in with the simplicity of the application form. The font size of information is from 10 to 14. There is some information which is font size 10 and some which is font size 14.

This makes the information professional. Increasing the font above 14 will makes the layout look informal. There are some size 8 footers in the middle section of the application form. There is also use of bold fonts. “Benefits to customers” and features of Somerfield Saver card are bold. The size of the paper is A4. The information is printed on both side of the paper. The A4 paper is divided into three sections. This is then folded into three parts to make it look like a leaflet. The orientation of the Somerfield application form is portrait. The leaflet is folded into three parts.

In the middle section of the leaflet, there is only one footer used. There are no headers or gutters used in this formal document. The colour scheme of the application form is green. The colour of picture, logo and headings are green. The picture had green apple on it. This works well with the leaflet because the green colour represents fruits and groceries, which is sold at Somerfield. There are four logos on the application form. Two logos are inside of the application form and two on outside. There is no use of any bullet points. There are also no boarders around the page on either side, but there is use of shading on the inside.

It is use on the heading “Saver”. The colour used in this shading is green which fits in with the rest of the colour scheme. 3. 1. 3 Content The application form has three sections. The first section is explaining the benefits of becoming Somerfield Saver card holder. The next section contains the actual card. The last section is the application form that can be filled in by the customer for their data. The questions are general questions such as name, address, contact detail etc. The Somerfield application form has not got lots of information on it. This information is straight forward and easy to understand.

In the inside of the application form, some of the words used in this application form are very persuasive. The words such as “exclusive”, “keeping the saver card” points to the fact that it is easy and fast way to receive discount with the Saver card. It also points to the fact that becoming Somerfield saver card holder is easy and has several benefits. 50% of the information is Terms and Conditions, which are simple rules, set by Somerfield which apply to customers when they become Saver card holders. The information is formal. There are not many technical terms used in the content.

The sentences are fairly small but effective. There are few images, in fact there are only two images on the whole application form and lots of text. The information is printed on both side of the page. The front section has two columns. The back of the application from has three columns. Each of these columns had a different use on the application form. There are eight subheadings. These subheadings clear out the content. It makes it easier for the reader to fill in the information as it is an application form. There are no images on this document. This is a typical application form. There is 40% white space and 60% text.

The large percentage of white space makes the text clear and understandable. This is due to light background and dark colour text. The font on the application form is aerial. The aerial font looks professional. Aerial font is simple which makes it easier to read for the reader. Most of the text on the formal document is small size. The text size ranges from 6 to14. The most of the text is size 8. Small text is used because there is not enough space on the A4 paper to fit all the information. There are some bold fonts to makes the words eye catchy. There is a use of footer on the application form.

This footer contains company information. The font of this footer is smaller than usual font which is found on other documents. This is because customer has no use of this footer. The footer is office use only. There are no headers on the application form. There is only small gutter on the right hand size of the page. The font of this gutter is around five. The use of this gutter us for company only. There is blue colour scheme on this application form. The headings are blue colour and subheadings are shaded blue colour. The background of this application form is light blue colour.

This light blue colour makes the content and blue headings stand out. Use of colour on subheadings separates content under the subheadings. It makes it look like sections on the application forms. The logo of the company used on this application form is very small. The logo is about 2% of the page. This is because these application forms are not handed out to customer at streets. These applications are given to customers from request. These application forms have no use of promoting the company, just collecting customer data. The boarder around the application form is very simple.

The boarder is thin straight line around the document. By looking at this application form, the use of boarder is to hold information together. It looks like that boarder is holding the information together, away from the margin lines. There are no bullet points on this application form. But there is numbering used on this application form. The numbering is at the back of the application form used on terms and conditions. This numbering have indents (Alphabets instead of numbers). This numbering keep the terms and conditions joint. The text on the application form is fully justified. This makes it look very professional.

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