Report on Schindlers list

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In this report I am reviewing Stephen Spielberg’s film version of Schindlers List. The film is set in Poland during Nazi invasion (WWII). This film is about an ambitious man, Oskar Schindler who was born on April 28th, 1909 in Czechoslovakia. This film shows how Schindler invades Poland and enslaves Jews and allows the killings o minorities. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching this film you will see that he does change for the better. There is a message in this film that I believe is everybody has a heart and soul and that whatever inhumane brutalities anyone can do, it will not beyond a certain point.

Excluding the obvious reasons of attracting more people to experiencing its depth, I believe the director’s purpose of making this film is to show all those illiterate people the depths of those in the past. This film is an extremely intense drama that any director would jump to create, especially since the book of it won the booker prize.

Some of the most striking parts of the film would be when Schindler kissed the Jewish girl and child to show appreciation for making him a birthday cake, or when nearer the end he decided to spend a very large amount of money on buying the Jews. And particularly which I think overall any other moments is when he bursts into tears at the end over not being able to save any more Jews.

In this film the main actor is Oskar Schindler, who is played by Liam Neeson.

I think he has done an excellent job of playing this role. Alongside Oskar is his wife

Emille Schindler who is played Caroline Goodall. She is not really a big character in the film. In Oskar business Ben Kingsley who is also an excephonally good character plays his right-hand man Itzhak Stern. And Amon Goeth who is played by Ralph Fiennes. Most of these characters seem very real to me but now a days I wouldn’t expect anyone to be ruthless as Goeth.

The Jews were stereotyped as hopeless, weak and courage less, cowards that will fight back but pray to their god. They were shown as men with the curly hair and women with their poor structures. They were forced out their homes and into ghetto’s where they were isolated between 4 walls with up to 4families that they don’t know.

The Jews were used as scapegoats for Germany’s problems. They were blamed for the War and most other problems. The Jews were robbed of theirs possessions. The guards would tell them to leave their luggage as it would be sent to them but it was stripped and any object of value was taken.

They were very weak and pitiful, not one of the Jews stood up for themselves this did show the difference between the Jews and the troops. The troops were very powerful compared to the Jews.

There is not much said if any of us all about the World War 2 and Holocaust. Only near to the end it shows almost all characters listening to the radio to hear that Germany had surrendered. But I would guess that the lack of information on this subject is due to the fact the film is all about Schindler and his list. I think from watching the film you can see what one man can do, which I think is the producer’s intentions.

This film is set in the early 18th century and there most probably weren’t any major personal conversations or secret negotiations as the director would have mentioned it, as Stephen Spielberg is a professional.

Although some people might be very upset about the subject and Spielberg’s recreation I think the reason the reason people paid money to see it to get rid of the burden. I mean those who are descendants can only find out what happened by mouth and hen when the film came out. But watching it on film allows you to see the facial expression on Oskar and Emille Schindlers faces when they see from a distance Jews being brutally executed.

I don’t think it would be necessary to tone down he horrors, because you can only see it one way, the way it was, ruthless murders and inhumane acts of brutality. I also don’t think it should have toned down because it wouldn’t show the correct history of this film. The director shows us the Jews human spirit to survive when the ghetto liquidation starts and when children are to be taken away from the camps. But it doesn’t really show that much spirit to survive and escape.

His film is very ordinary, in this statement I’ve just made I don’t mean ordinary as in the theme and structure but in the fact that it doesn’t show one bit of extraordinary acts. I didn’t even see a Jew attempting to take a trooper down. As a matter fact I didn’t see a trooper get harmed in anyway.

Also in this film, which I found strange, is that no one in the higher class had a heart and soul and felt any remorse except Oskar Schindler and the women. But props of this film are in one particular scene when for a little period I focuses on the little girl I the red coat that escapes he violent environment in action all around her. And you see Oskar and Emille on their horses witnessing the liquidation of the ghetto.

In conclusion I think Stephen Spielberg has succeeded in making me feel their pain and feel sorrow. This film is very intriguing which I wouldn’t mind watching again. Overall the strengths of this film are being able to show you the brutalities that those Jews in he past had to go through. And the weakness is the lack of effort to show the little details and the lack of retaliation from the Jews.

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