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Write a detailed analysis of the Renault Clio advert referring to the use of the three codes and bricolage (intertextual references) Advertising is important for all businesses; it is the difference between millions and thousands and sometimes it is the difference between profit and loss. So for a market that is already bursting at its seams, a new car has to have an advert that gets people to notice it. It has to show what the car can do, appeal to men and women and it has to remain in the minds of the viewers. The Clio advert does this.

The Renault Clio advert is the last one of the `Nicole and Papa’ campaign. Nicole, the long running Clio advert star, is marrying the famous comedian Bob Mortimer but Vic Reeves turns up to claim Nicole for himself. The advert uses many different types of camera techniques such as the shot/reverse, glance/object and the technique known as suture is achieved as a result. Shot/reverse is commonly used when two people are talking. Glance/object is where a character looks off-screen at something and then you get to see what the character is looking at.

Suture shots are where instead of just looking at what is happening the camera is placed within the action so as the name suggests, it feels like you are sewn into the action. The mood of the advert is reflected in the music. At the beginning, the music is very sombre and it sounds like an oboe is being used. This might be done to reflect the bride’s (Nicole’s) mood as, even though it is her wedding day, she doesn’t look very happy but whenever the Clio is shown the music is changed to an upbeat, chirpy guitar which might have been used to reflect the car’s fun personality.

There are three codes used in advertising and they are all used in this advert. The three codes are action codes, symbolic codes and enigma codes. The advertisers use action codes to convey feelings, symbolic codes to speed up the plot and enigma codes to keep interest. In this advert the action code is used to show that the driver is impatient and late because we see him looking at his watch whilst he is waiting for the train to go past. Symbolic codes are used to get the plot fully explained and understood in the time that the advertisers have got.

They are used to speed the story up. In this advert, symbolic codes are used to show the audience that a wedding is happening, we see Nicole in a wedding dress and later on we see wedding rings. Enigma codes are where things are hinted at but we don’t get to see everything. Enigma codes are used to hide things from the audience and to build up suspense. Enigma codes are used quite a few times in this advert but the most obvious one is where we don’t get to see Vic and Bob until right at the very end.

When an advert reuses other memorable events or scenes or when already famous objects or characters are used – such as when Ford used Steve M^cQueen in one of their ads – this is called an intertextual reference or “bricolage”. The Ford example of this is where the theme tune to one of Steve M^cQueen’s movies (“Bullit”) is played and he chooses the Ford car over the famous motorbike used to escape from a prisoner of war camp in the movie “The Great Escape”.

There are three main intertextual references in the advert. The use of `Papa and Nicole’ is an intertextual reference as they have already been used in various Clio adverts. The use of Vic and Bob is another example as is the scene where Bob is banging on the window of the church trying to get Nicole not to marry Vic, but to run away with him. This third illustration is a reference to the 1967 film “The Graduate”; this is a very famous scene and is also used in “The Simpsons” and “Wayne’s World”. Intertextual references are used for comedy and also to make the audience feel clever if they recognise the link.

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