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Another factor to consider is the cost of advertising especially for senior positions within the Marks & Spencer organisation in particular the management as it is essential that the company attracts the best candidates for the running and future success of the business. A quarter-page black and white advertisement in the Sunday Times costs in the region of 12,000. After these have been considered carry out interviews from a short-list of candidates these factors to be dealt with is that firstly the candidate chosen for the interviews should be in the human resources department the most suitable applicant for the job.

In the progress of the interview the interviewer aim should be to investigate and delve into the candidates’ background and find out all relevant information and their experience. The information is more likely to be provided if the interviewee is put at ease and is comfortable so, every effort should be made to avoid intimidating the candidate. Another factor for the Marks ; Spencer Human Resources manager to consider is to allow the candidate to do the majority of the talking. Therefore the manager can evaluate the candidate by listening and observing body language. Clues about honesty, personality and levels of confidence can be gained from body language.

A factor the must be regarded as important is that all candidates must be interviewed before a decision is made thus allowing all short-listed candidates an opportunity to express themselves accurately. Key recruitment documents are the Job application, Curriculum vitae and the letter of application. The relevance of a job application is to indicate and facilitate the gathering of information about a potential candidate thus giving the impression of a person’s attributes, qualifications and experience.

The purpose of the application is to enable Marks & Spencer to short-list candidates by comparing this information to the person specification produced by Marks & Spencer itself. A strength being that promising candidates are requested to attend an interview therefore contributing to the exclusion of less suitable applicants hence Marks & Spencer will send a letter of non-acceptance informing the unsuccessful candidate the reasons why they were not chosen to be short-listed.

A criticism can be that the interview process is expensive both in terms of time consummation but also is also disadvantageous because the manager is as a result preoccupied possibly disrupting the manager’s normal duties. The importance of a clear elimination process cannot be understated and thus to minimise costs and to ensure that false expectations are not built up by less suitable applicants.

The benefit of a completed application form is seen as part of the contract of employment. Put simply any false claims or deliberate misinformation by the potential candidate will render the contract of employment void therefore resulting in an instant dismissal. Curriculum vitae is also an essential part of recruitment documents. This document is submitted to Marks ; Spencer Human Resources Department after the applicant has done careful preparation of the document. An advantage of curriculum vitae is that the Marks ; Spencer as the prospective employer can gain an insight into a candidate’s details.

Any information that may persuade Marks & Spencer to grant an interview is most likely to be included in a Curriculum Vitae (CV). The corroboration of what has been claimed by the applicant can be confirmed by at least two referees one of which a character and work reference therefore providing a useful tool in terms of value and skills the candidate can offer the prospective employer. Letters of application are useful as it is a letter from the prospective employee explaining why in their view they are the most suitable candidates for the job.

The value of a letter of application is illustrated by the fact that it is structured in the way the applicant believes is appropriate supporting the view that it is a useful selection tool. The constraints are that when used as an assessment method a person of good letter writing abilities will be selected with not necessarily the most suitable candidate. The letter writer may leave out important information although; the subsistence of Curriculum Vitae can solve this problem.

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