Recruitment in the Workplace

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In this Second Unit of Business Studies course I will be talking about the Recruitment in the Workplace and how valuable each stage of the recruitment is for a Business. Unit 2 will be based on Recruitment, how businesses follow procedures of employing a new staff at a work place. Unit 2 will require me to look at various stages of the recruitment process; however I will be looking at a medium-to-large sized business which in this case is going to be ‘Thorpe Park’.

This Unit will require me to take you through out the whole process of recruiting a new member at a work place, after extent research and good communication a new employee should be employed at Thorpe Park. The Job description I will be looking at through out this recruitment process will be ‘Guest Services Host’ – a new employee would be employed as a Guest Services Host in the Human Resources department, the occupation is going to be a full time permanent post. The process will take the form of an interview, where-by group members will be talking about their particular job role in the process.

Through out this assignment I shall be including primary research, as from an experienced person, our visit to Thorpe Park – information we obtained from their and also secondary research from various media. In conclusion I should be able to find a suitable full time employee to take on the position to work as a Guest Services Host at Thorpe Park. The employee would need all the skills, understanding and should show a great deal of effort in the workplace. Training will be given to out new employee to make sure everything is understood carefully before getting employed in the field of work.

Recruitment Process: All businesses need to make sure they have the right number of people at work, if there is a shortage of staff it means that there is a lot of work carried out the by the present staff and they could be under-pressure, however the opposite would be to have too much worker, this just simply means too much money is going out of the business. When an organisation is looking to recruit a new staff, they follow a series of processes to make sure they employ the right staff for the right position of work.

Any organisation will need to consider the responsibilities and duties which will be required for the post of a new job. Large organisations such as Thorpe Park would have a series of processes being followed to make sure they are on the right track. Vacancy: The first thing that happens in most medium to large sized businesses is that a vacancy is arisen, (a new staff is required to fit in the job). There are many reasons why an organisation might recruit a new member of staff, Here are some as follows:

* Long Term Sick: A person could have been injured at work or out side and might require some medical treatment enabling them to be off at work, however in most cases it would be a temporary leave – meaning the employee will be back to work after a certain period of time. * Maternity Leave: This could be a case when an employee will be off from as they going to have a baby (pregnant), this would be quite a long period of time roughly 3-6 months off and an employee would be needed to cover the work carried out by the previous worker.

* Retirement: An employee at work would be aged over 65 and might not be able to work any more, will be offered a retirement leave as they will no longer be available to work. In most cases the government will offer a pension (paid for being off at work – retirement pay) however in some cases some organisations offer a pension scheme to worker an offer them some pay back money for their hard work in the business.

* Dismissal: This would be a matter when an employee is not complying with the rules and regulations at work, so they have been dismissed (fired) from the job. * Growth / Expansion of a Business: Eventually most business do manage to up their profits and provide more services this would lead to a shortage of staff as there is quite a lot business going on, the business itself might expand their building or open up a new branch this would need a hefty number of employees so they will look forward to employee some one new.

* Change in Job Roles: If for example an employee is undertaking quite a lot of work and needs some help to manage the work then the organisation might look forward to recruit someone new. * Promotion: An internal promotion could be offered to an employee for performing extremely well at work, this could lead to a promotion being offered meaning a better job title and much higher pay. Promotions are like a booster for staff, as well as a great opportunity for the business as it will be able to understand their employee more easily.

However if the employee gets promoted their will be a gap in the previous employees position so this will need to be filled by recruiting a new member of staff. After when a suitable reason is notified by the business, the business will start carrying out their processes of employing a new worker. The business will need to look at a range of documents from the previous employee to make sure the new employee fits the position perfectly.

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