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Job Advert – The job advert is from Thomas Cook and it is for the position for the call centre. This document is designed to advertise new job vacancies, which could occur either within the business or outside. The advert is very attractive and uses bright colours. The advert clearly states what company the job advert is for, when applications can be due in by and the necessary dates. There are few drawbacks. For example there is a lot of information and some of it is unnecessary.

The use of small font size makes the reader put off reading the chunky bit of writing. This would mean the text would be far too small for people with eye sight problems and this could mean relevant information could be missed out. The job advert itself is a long document. The paragraphs are cramped together. The job advert is formally written and is straightforward. The basic details are stated on the job advert and doesn’t discriminate anyone in anyway. The job advert follows a standard, professional layout.

It has the company name at the top of the page and the company logo is displayed at the bottom right hand side of the page. There is good use of images in the job advert. The main image is the statue of liberty which means New York is an independent country. The picture is related to the main heading as it symbolises the applicant wanting to apply for the job will be independent. The job title] is written clearly in big writing and is clearly stated what the job is. The language is in Standard English and it is simple to read and understand.

The use of big headings is created to make sure that the applicants are aware of the job that they are applying for and when the open days are. On the whole, I believe the job advert has a lot of text in small size and consistent throughout the job advert, therefore alteration could be made for that reason. Person Specification – There are much strength in this document which was also designed for the Thomas Cook. An example of this is that, it is simple and precise (to the point).

It clearly states what characteristics are required by the potential employees to fulfil the job role within the business. This is an advantage to the applicants as when they will be filling the application form they could use the person specification to see weather they have the characteristics that are required by Thomas Cook. However, there is information that is relevant which is not included. The subheading ‘essential experience,’ in the person specification only mentions PC skills is required but they don’t mention any other qualification that may well be relevant to do the job.

For example English etc. The personal specification doesn’t also mention how many years experience one needs to do that specific job role. One line sentences and the headings are bold for each section. The sentences are straightforward. The language is Standard English form and it has simple accessibility for the reader. It uses simple English and therefore any important information could be understandable. There is use of formal language.

The person specification should have been laid out like the job description by displaying information using bullet points. In this way the document would have looked more formal. On the other hand it does mention clearly what the job expects from the applicant and what they are required to do in the job. There is no discrimination to anyone in anyway against the applicants. The specification informs the potential employee about the job specification that lists what experience they will need. There are some weaknesses.

The sentences are short and something vital could be missed out in between the lines. There is need of more information on the personal specification. The applicants would want to know what job role they are applying for and the characteristics needed in the person. This has been covered, but only vaguely. The text size may be too small for people with visual impairments and therefore information may not be able to be read or they might get a misunderstanding. This would in all lead to, them missing out crucial information.

An example of this, is when it states ‘PC literate,’ but doesn’t say exactly what software’s and programmes you need to know. The personal specification written by Thomas Cook doesn’t discriminate anyone, because what I have read on the specification there is nothing written that would be against any of the legislations. Overall I believe that the essential experience needs to be a little detail and needs to be expanded on. This can be done by mentioning the specific qualifications required rather than stating the basic. They need to o in more depth.

I also think by using bullet points the presentation would be more outstanding and it would give the document that ‘professional look. ‘ This would also benefit the readers, as it would be easily readable. Application Form – The application form of Thomas Cook has a constant flow of formality. It is very simple and straightforward and can be filled in very easily due to the fact that there is a lot of space and simple language is used. However the education and training section has distinct space to fill in the information required.

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