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The methods that we are going to find out the communication between 36 member of staff and the manager. The problem the business has is that the newly recruited manager has to know the 36 member of staff very speedily. So, the communication bridge can be considered as a newly born baby. I have found the information by: * Desk reference. * Reading the Journals. * Asking the teacher. Communication is one of the key aspects in keeping a successful business on top.

The “Recruitment agency” needs to have effective methods of communication so that everyone is clear about objectives, everyone is informed of changes in the working environment and therefore members can respond to these new ideas. Business decisions involve the co-operation and interaction of several individuals. Sometimes group of colleagues work together in a group to attain a goal. Communication must therefore be maintained to facilitate theses joint effort. Without communicating ideas and thoughts it would be impossible to identify common objectives and purpose necessary for successful operations.

So, what is communication ? “Communication is the exchange of ideas, opinions and information through written or spoken words” (Source: Achieve Twice A Much In Half Time, Dr. Harry Alder, ISBN 1-85703-678-6) This report will tell us about the communication systems in place by the manager at the recruitment agency. Our study includes 36 member of staff managed through a communication system by the manger and the ability to perform communication to create an understanding level. The manager at “The Recruitment agency not only needs good communication but also need to be “people person”.

A good communication level has to be maintained with staffers and more likely to be in tune with what is happening. The manager need to consider communications as an important tool due to the fact that the manager will be spending most of his time communicating by spoken, written or electric means with the employees. The communication systems that will be placed to analyse are face-to-face communication, Face-To-Face Communication Face to Face communication is considered to be one of the best ways of communication.

It allows the sender to interpret easily whether the message to be communicated has been received, understand and in certain cases a feedback can be obtained. Everyone can interpret a glare for unhappiness or disagreement and the smile for encouragement or happiness that will help to build a platform to communicate. The manager should start with face to face communication, as face to face communication involves everyone from the manager and moving counter clockwise around the table, and the 36 member of staff.

The staffers will receive the feedback and will acknowledge the 360 degree feedback. By putting face to face communication on the action agenda, the “Recruitment Agency” can nurture the development of open communication and mutual respect. This will help the manager to get to know all the 36 member of staff from their names including their job title. Face-To-Face communication will allow the manager to assess how the message have been received, and to obtain feedback, which will help the manager and the staff to know each other.

The one big aspect of face to face communication is listening, listening will help the manager to read the mind and can make out if the information being passed is understood and has been converted into knowledge. The feedback received after face to face communication gives constructive feedback to the group regarding the group, which ease the pressure. It also involves perceptions, feelings and reactions to the message which, will bring a lot a personal attention and communication bridge will be stronger as the manager and the staffer will get to know each other on the ground of personal relationship.

Face to face communication supports touch, shared activities, eating and drinking together, as well as informal interactions and these activities are crucial for making distributed work possible. Buzz Meetings Manager spend a great deal of time talking and listening to the staffers at work. This takes place between the manager and the staff on a one-to-one basis, or on the telephone, or when one person talks to a group, or when several in groups discuss things together at a meeting.

The manager can play role models by building a rota to chair the buzz meetings by doing so he will treat the employees as the amateur manager and the employee will feel special. By inviting a team member to chair the meeting the manager makes the employee that the meeting is for employee agenda and employee issue are important. The manager makes the team to bring clear description of problems and issue and to bring the best solution and a criteria for what a good solution would do.

The manager makes someone from the meeting to summarize at the end of the meeting to reconfirm what decisions have been made and who is supposed to do what. Advantages are that the manager will be able to convey information quickly, views and ideas can be discussed, feedback is immediate and the process can be in formal and personal. No written data will be provided and as a result long conversation or group discussions will be avoided and decisions may not take longer to make. Letters Letters may be time consuming but letters are the most formal way of communicating.

Letters enables an accurate, clear message to be sent. Letters send within an organisation keeps up the response incentive as this helps to build a psychological effect in building the motivation level. The reason behind which, is that the letter will give the full explanation for any request from the manager. This will lend a hand to the employee because of the fact that the letter will be addressed to the employee making the employee feel part of the decision making strategy and putting the ideas forward towards to organisation success.

The manager will be able to send letters across the organisation as a gesture for someone’s success and on the other hand as a feedback for someone’s failure. The letters are used to inform someone such as making arrangements. Telecommunication Telecommunication are common and convenient model of verbal communication when quick decisions are implemented and the communication platform is maintained without breaking the link. Using the telecommunication the manager can call short meetings whenever required as the messages spreads quickly.

Any feedback required can be given over the phone. At the “Recruitment Agency” parallel lines will be the quickest mode of communication as the manager can have quick chat with the employee over the phone related to any issue. Telecommunication will also help to create a vibrant work place through enhanced communication. The personalised answer phone will have the potential to create a happier, more production environment for the employees. The telecommunication system is very easy and convenient to use and passing information will be easier than ever.

Well informed employees by the manager will be more motivated at their jobs because the employees will feel that they have more of stake in the company. Parallel lines connection will allow the employees to keep in touch with one another better, as they can leave messages even when the manager is not at the desk to make sure the communication will lead to quick decision making as a result of faster information gathered and thus forming a communication system. Electronic mail This is also alternative to writing and contacting a group of people at same time.

The manager can send email and the employee will receive the message or file. As the email is faster than ordinary mail the message sent across will be instant. As a communication medium it is the quick, convenient and it is possible to send message to a group of people, which will help the manager to pass the message on to the 36 members of staff at one time. Communication will come to rely on the extensive use of the emails to arrange meetings, it can be used to talk to more than one person at a time thus, with the use of emails the manager is able to create the communicating environment with the organisation.

The one good thing about emails in supporting a communication systems is that it is a less pressurised communication due to which, collaborative working and efficient distribution of information into knowledge. Non-Verbal feedback The manager and the employees give non-verbal advice to each other is all the time both with intent and by coincidence. constructive non-verbal feedback can considerably put together relationships with a team. A smile or gesture from the manager to the staff member at least recognizes their meaning.

Interrelated to a job it point towards support in an casual, speedy way that uphold the self-confidence. Grapevine Alongside the structural and technical complexity of the “Recruitment Agency” formal systems to be used will be taking parts in gossips while having lunch or tea. This will help the manager and the staff to pass and receive message while having fun at the same time. The manager could be involved in a gossip in the canteen or in the corridor or on the way home, by doing so manager will give everyone importance and would be lending his ear to everyone.

Though the manager involved in gossips does not replace formal communication systems but builds the platform for formal communication to take place on a professional level with the employees. Conclusion In a organisation everyone could communicate directly, by face to face at meetings and if there were any changes all the employees would know about it because they would be told in the meeting or personally. We have given a number of recommendations and in particular I feel the face-to-face communication should be priority. I therefore recommended that manager and the employees should keep in constant contact with each other.

The difference in communication is that the manager is newly recruited and the communication can be considered as a newly born baby. The communication systems placed are face-to-face communication, e-mail, letters, and telecommunication so that the manager can be in-touch with the employees all the time. There is not a lot of external and written methods because it is a small company and therefore it does not need a lot of methods but face-to-face and telecommunication plays the vital role in building the platform for communication to perform.

Verbal communication used by the manager to tell the employees at meetings face-to-face what is required of them. This will happen more frequently as the manager and the staff has just started building a relationship. The face-to-face communication is the most effective as the manager is able to know the staff from their names and their job title, which helps the message to be delivered to the right place thus building a strong communication link.

And by inviting the team members to chair the meeting and to conclude the meeting the manager will be successfully making the team members feel special and thus, proving to be a perfect leader. The second most way to communicate would be telecommunicating, after started to know the employees within the organisation the manager will be able to communicate with the desired person in case to discuss anything incentive or to provide any feedback. The manager will be able to help the motivation help to creep up by providing feedback frequently and effectively.

Using the parallel lines the manager would be able to interact with the desired person within the “Recruitment Agency”. The most effective informal communication to be taken place between the manager and the staff will be grapevine this will help the staff and the manager to share a same platform and the staffers will be available to communicate more openly. This informal communication system fits the best to for the manager to know all the 36 members of staff. As both the manager or the employee can meet and discuss any issue with the manager at any course of time.

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