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Dear Sister: How are you? I can’t remember the last time saw you all together. I been at the front line for only one a night and already it seems like I’ve been out here for ages. It’s always so quiet, eerily quiet except for the odd rifle grenade that comes over the trenches. But I feel that there’s always about to be a large explosion some where nearby. I suppose that’s what the silence does to people out here. I’ve been sent to Stanhope’s platoon and he seems very out of mind a lot of the time.

He tends to drink a lot of whiskey and sometimes that makes me question his leadership abilities. But the men says he the best so he can’t be all that bad. We haven’t really spoken yet but when we did speak he was very abrupt and snappy. I don’t think that he really wants me to be here too be honest. Osbourne (another officer in my platoon) told me this morning that Stanhope was very drunk last night and he tried to kiss Osbourne goodnight. This is obviously not the Stanhope I used to know back at school, and not the Stanhope that you are going out with.

I feel that he is a bit of let-down. I thought that he would be welcome to have me in his platoon but he is very cold towards me at the moment. I probably remind him of what home is like and of you. He is dearly in love with you however. Hibbert (yet another officer in our platoon) really doesn’t like it here and he wants to go to back of the lines. He says that he has got neuralgia but I reckon that he is just trying to get away from the Boche attack that is expected within the next few days.

He told me that as he tried to leave his trench to go and see the doctor Stanhope pulled out his pistol and told him to stay there and see through the big attack otherwise he would shoot him. Any way the weather here is very boring. Some days it rains a bit or a lot and sometimes it is nice and dry and sunny. I prefer it dark and misty because the Boche snipers can’t see you then. Osbourne and I have been ordered to make a raid to capture one of the Boche and get him back to our trenches to interrogate him on the intent of the Boche attacks and where and how strong their men are.

It could be quite dangerous, but I think that we’ll make it there and back alright. There can’t be much to it. Just a quick run across no man’s land covered by a smoke screen. How are things at home and how are mum and dad? I hope that nothing bad has happened since I have been gone. The colonel said that if I make it out of this raid then he would consider recommending me for the Military Cross. I should be back home soon and maybe we can meet up and go out to the local pub for a good meal. Anyway I’ll see you soon.

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