Raise awareness of my mother’s business

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My aim is to publicise and raise awareness of my mother’s business, which is a hairdressing salon. I intend on doing so by designing a leaflet, which in turn communicates to her existing and potential customers. Ideally my artefact would gain her more customers. It came to my mother’s attention that her customers often phone up to find out the prices on certain treatments. This indicates that the existing leaflet is not serving its purpose and therefore a new leaflet is needed. The forthcoming leaflet would display clear prices for different categories of customers, which in turn should prevent any further unnecessary inquiries.

My target audience would be my mother’s customers because this leaflet would be most beneficial to them. Having a leaflet that contains all the vital information like all the treatments and prices means that they have a clear understanding of the service that is on offer. The essential information that the customers would need to know are the different price ranges between women with long hair, women with short hair, men, senior citizens and children. Additionally they would also need to know the basic details like opening hours and days.

Also they would require the information on the location of the salon and information that would serve their convenience like parking nearby. Providing basic information about my mother such as her name and her past experience in her field would also be helpful as it would be giving the customer more confidence in the salon and the service it provides. The client is my mother and due to this fact it would be an advantage for me to find out exactly what she would want in the artefact. I need to prioritise myself to fulfil both my client and my target audience’s needs.

After establishing what my audience would need, the next step would be to get an approval from my client so that she is happy with the way her business is being advertised and the final result corresponds with her requirements. I have decided to produce a leaflet because I felt that it is the most appropriate and beneficial medium for this kind of business. Leaflets usually come in the form of a small folded card. This is useful to audience in many ways as a leaflet is portable making it easy to carry around, at the same time it’s size makes it easy to fit in a bag.

Leaflets are also cheaper to produce compared to other forms of medium such as posters and they are also able to fit into letterboxes if they were to be distributed to surrounding areas of the business. Another reason that I chose the leaflet as my medium is that it is easily accessed by the audience in contrast to having an artefact on the internet as a medium for the business. Having been round all the salons in the surrounding areas and collecting their leaflets I was able to understand that if I advertise the salon effectively this could increase my mother’s profit.

All prices listed below are based on the prices stated online. I found that purchasing online offered the greatest value for the service being provided. Due to the fact that the salon has established solid customer awareness, my mother can now afford to venture out and invest in high quality leaflets. Also the findings from my questionnaire show me that people tend to judge a salon by the quality of the leaflet provided. So with this in mind I feel that this is a logical investment.

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