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A wide-angle shot is used in the advert where hundreds of boxes of the product are shown. This could represent the different alternative colours that is available and that the product comes in a wide variety of colours that suit your tones and natural colour. The editing sequence is probably seen as one of the most important aspects of the entire advert. The sequence comprises of twenty-six separate scenes, each one separated by different models, or showing the natural quality of the product.

These twenty-six scenes can be broadly divided into three categories, which are: the models, the natural ingredients, and the product packaging to ensure secure product promotion and recognition. These categories are continuously repeated in a pattern, which alternate throughout the whole advert, where the product is shown first, followed by the models, then the ingredients. This alternates again and again so that the viewer does not lose interest. This focuses the viewers on the unique, healthy qualities of the product. The brand name, Garnier, is flashed across the screen frequently so that the viewer does not lose contact of the brand name and they are likely to remember it as well as the package on a supermarket shelf.

All the previous points mentioned are a key asset in an advert, but they are all linked and carried by the voice or choice of narrator. The voice is that of a softly spoken man, not overbearing or outgoing person but has a voice that is peaceful and sounds neither young or old which can have an effect on the viewer as the young women do not feel put off by an older voice and vice versa. He comments frequently on the looks that are acquired which are achieved after using the product. These will attract the women greatly as the natural beauty of the product may attract the opposite sex after applying.

He seems as if the males will be appreciative which encourage female viewers. The voiceover is that of a non-irritable nature and creates a feeling of security, and seems trustworthy, pleasant as well as safe and secure. The voice is designed so that the accent is unnoticeable. The voice of the man provides scientific knowledge linked to the product that shows that healthy looks will give the viewers some confidence in using the product. Overall, this product entitles us to our health and happiness. The man also explains the importance of looking young naturally, meaning not directly intending to look young but this product will bring about a certain youthful appearance that looks healthy.

The slogan that occupies the basis of the product is ‘Grey hair is the thing of the past’ but also with ‘Say goodbye to grey’. This almost defines the meaning of youth through these powerful statements by the man. This explains why a grey haired woman is not used in the advert even to note the ‘before’ aspect of the process. This is because grey hair is really a thing of the past! The youthful look of the models does not want to be tainted through a grey haired model. The attractiveness of the advert is maintained throughout. The language used is formal and calm.

This voice is not overrun by music but a specially, and carefully, selected music is chosen for this particular advert. The music used is a recognisable instrumental music to women and provides yet another stimuli to use the product as the music is titled ‘Never met a girl like you before’ which is a well known song and the music is not chosen for its trend ness but chosen because it will not alienate anyone. This is because the tune is something that all age groups will be attracted to whether young or old. This is a further selling point of the product being marketed. This is the background that the advert and it is pleasant enough to create desires for the product. The music is a device for subliminal marketing as it is a further selling point in the product.

The unique selling point of the product is the natural qualities of the ingredients and the natural qualities that you can achieve by applying this product. At least 50% of the product is focussed on the making of the product. This ensures the viewers of a safe approach to hair dying. The ingredients and the fact that natural ingredients are used and the ingredients are those that people have heard of can reassure them. These consist of mousse, wheat, and yoghurt. These will give a definite perspective of hair dying as being safe and rewarding. It vanishes ideas on hair dying having messy situations with unexpected or undesired outcomes. However, the whole idea is that the process of hair dying is not chemical but a natural luxurious process by which the viewer can take.

The glamour and sex appeal of the advert is what makes it an attracting piece of work to market the intended product. The three main stereotypes in the advert are three women who make up the advert. They are three beautiful women who have beautiful hair and the beauty is not tainted in any way. The narrator comments on the beauty as well. The woman with the short hair, the tomboyish character, reflects women being confident, free and intelligent as all types of women watch the advert and should appeal to different types of women which it does. The mother reflects purity, cleanliness, and is projected equally to the child. This is effective to the audience as it enables women to achieve natural beauty to those of a small child. Finally the other woman reflects a image of sexiness and being attracted to the opposite sex which is appropriate to women who watch the advert and desire to be noticed.

Overall, the advert provides a perfect example of provocative, convincing, and clever adverting to promote something fairly important to the nature of women everywhere. This is youth and natural beauty. This advert helps regain that natural look by convincing through clever techniques mentioned that this in not impossible but can be acquired through careful imagery and attributes of different women.

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