Quality Management Principles

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For companies within the 20th century a quality product is very important for success & growth in the modern world. This is especially important within the world of computing & software development. The market place has had companies that have promised quality products but unfortunately have not produced the goods on time and thus launched with a number of inconveniences & software bugs. As a result of this the combined techniques of project management and quality assurance need to be developed and applied over the lifecycle of the software product. (Hellingworth, Hall & Anderson 2001).

Requirement Analysis & Possible Outcomes The Bernese College needs to update its Management Information System (MIS) to include an ‘Electronic online prospectus’. Feasibility Study The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine if this business opportunity of updating the Bernese college’s MIS is at all possible, practical ; viable. Description of Problem ; Background: To update the Bernese college’s management information system to include an ‘electronic prospectus’ that is intended to provide a means of viewing course information for staff, students, parents & managers.

The college runs Edexcel courses containing a number of modules at two levels (National Diploma Level 1 & Level 2), with students normally taking Level 1 modules in the first year of their course and progressing to level 2 modules in the second year. The national diploma consists of 10 modules in total: 5 Level 1 & 5 Level 2. the college also offers a part-time option where students usually take more that two years to complete all their modules for a specified diploma.

Present System at College: The Bernese College at present is using a manual filing system, where all the information about courses, departments & teachers are kept in a filing system clearly labelled, updated & sorted manually as and when necessary. The college does however have a computer network set up through the campus, which can be accessed by staff & students.

System Requirements The system will provide details about lecturers, courses and modules, with access to more precise information about which modules are contained within particular courses. All courses contained within the prospectus can be found via a unique identifying code. This displays the module titles and their appropriate level.

Every course has one lecturer acting as course director, who is responsible for administering that course and updating module information. That lecturer should also be teaching a module from within the course programme. Individual lecturer records may be queried for information such as their staff room number, internal telephone number, email address, management responsibilities and main subject areas, as well as detailing the modules that they teach. MIS functions of the prospectus require the updating of the lecturers and courses records and the addition or removal of obsolete records from the system.

Analysis of the Requirements An upgraded MIS system at the college in the form of an online prospectus may benefit the staff in many ways. Currently the college is manually based and before the computerised online prospectus is put into action the system analysts in my opinion need to consider a few points: A user friendly interface is vital for the prospectus to be successful, A logical & well structured formation and software is necessary for the future success of the system, The prospectus should be easy to update, edit & remove unwanted, A good help guide and user manual should also be available for the system aimed at people with limited IT skills.

Limitations of the System & Redundant Objects Looking at the whole system boundaries from modules to students at the college, there seems to be one object that is not relevant. This object is “Students” and therefore should be excluded from the possible noun list. Some Benefits of having an online prospectus: 1. Improvements in information flow from different departments in college,

2. Faster responses from college & enquiries made at the office, 3. Online prospectus would be available 24hrs a day to students, 4. Will reduce the amount of man-hours needed to process data collection. Identifying nouns as candidate objects To be able to analyse the outlined text in the assignment and to identify nouns as possible candidate objects we must firstly be clear as to what ‘objects’ mean. Objects model real world or fake world entities. Anything we see, interact with or quantify in some way can be classified as an object. Objects are therefore real things with unique properties and each has its own set of essential characteristics, which are: (Hellingsworth, Hall, Anderson – 2001)

Identifying redundant, irrelevant or vague objects Once we have identified the list of nouns that could be possibly used as candidate objects we need to identify clearly and remove any redundant or irrelevant objects as mentioned before from the system and also taking care not to include attributes or operations etc. The object that stands out from the current list of possible objects is:

This object in my opinion is not needed in the online prospectus and the reason for its irrelevance is the fact that it is not an important or necessary factor for the online prospectus & thus holds no key significance. People viewing or enquiring using the online prospectus will not be very interested in past or present students attending the college but more interested in the courses available and details of this nature. This object is irrelevant also because the person enquiring using the online prospectus will not be interested in the parents of previous or present students. So therefore this object is not really needed and shouldn’t be apart of the online prospectus. Not including these dubious objects would save space and efficiency for the database, which will in turn save money.

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