Qdoba Elevator Pitch

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Qdoba was founded in 1995 in Denver, Colorado and began franchising in 1997. Jack in the Box Corporation then acquired Qdoba in 2003. It is a franchise that is known as a Mexican Grill. Qdoba has grown to have around 650 locations throughout the United States and is looking to expand north into Canada. It offers multiple selections, such as tacos, burritos, nachos, salads, and quesadillas. They focus their attention on the individual ingredients and work these ingredients to perfection. Almost all ingredients served at Qdoba are prepared by hand. By obsessing over their fresh ingredients, Qdoba has proved to be a very successful franchise throughout the United States.

The Qdoba that my group plans to open will be alike most franchises, but because of some new and specialized benefits, it will be more prosperous. Our franchise will be located across the street from the campus of Lindenwood on First Capitol Drive, where much construction is occurring right now. This location is convenient because it is a very much walkable distance for LU students, as well as located right off the highway for travelers who need a place to stop and grab some lunch or dinner. Read About BBI UNIVERSITY

The total investment to open this franchise would be about $590,000. Because it is a franchise, it would have a fee of $30,000, along with an ongoing 5% royalty fee. As of 2012 to open this franchise, investors are expected to have a net worth of at least $2 million and be able to invest at least $454,000.

Our Qdoba would employ around 15 people, including a manager. The manager would be required to attend a four week training located at the headquarters in Denver, Colorado. He or she would then bring back the information learned and train the rest of the employees.

This Qdoba would be very profitable for many reasons, one being the relationship that it would acquire with Lindenwood University. LU and Qdoba would have an agreement so that a student could swipe their ID card whenever they chose to eat at Qdoba. This is much more convenient for students because they would not have to worry about paying cash. Their meals at Qdoba would be taken care of in their tuition when they bought their meal plan. Qdoba would obviously make a profit off of this, as would Lindenwood by having Qdoba as one of its major sponsors. Another reason Qdoba would be so profitable is its ability to produce healthy and fresh food in such a short amount of time. For the students at LU, especially in the summer with only Spellman being open, it is often hard to find a meal that you do not feel bad about eating.

With Lindenwood and Qdoba having an agreement on the meal plan, students would be able to still get their food in a reasonable amount of time, as well as feel good about what they are eating. Not only is the healthiness and quickness a benefit for students, but also for those traveling. Qdoba is a fast and easy place to stop in for a quick bite to eat. As stated before, the location is perfect because it allows for travelers to stop and eat and then get back on the highway, as well as a short walk for LU students. Qdoba is a fast growing franchise that is popular among the younger generation which is why it would be successful at this location.

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