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I have collected information on House of Fraser and how they use ICT. They use ICT in many ways and need it for most things they do. My report will show why House of Fraser use function communication and information. I will split my work into 4 sections titled Function, Operations, Purchasing and Communication. Function In the function section there are four sub-sections, these are Sales, Finance, Operations, and Purchasing.

The sales sections will be divided into a further 4 sections that are: 1. Cash This is where tills are used. This is used inside the shops although most people use EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer at point of sale). When a customers wants to purchase a product they take it to the till and a shop assistant will scan the bar-code on the product into the companies main computer. 2. Electronic fund transfer (EFT) Electronic fund transfer is when credit or debit cards are usedby the customers.This involves the moving of money from one bank account to another using data communications and without any use of paper. It works by the customer using their credit card that is scanned into the till inside the shop. This then exchanges money from the customer’s bank account to the bank account of the company, (House of Fraser). This way of purchasing is usually done when a customer wishes to buy a more expensive product or they dont want to carry around change , this is also alot safer in account of loss or theft as it can be stopped were as if you lose money you can never get it back.

3. Electronic point of sale (EPOS) Usually larger shops have EPOS terminals. These are the cash registers which also act as terminals to a main computer system. They allow the shop to see when they are running low on stock on certain items. This computer then sends the needed details of the product like the price and name of the product back to the till to create a receipt. When this is done the computer also subtracts that product from the stock list, so the company can see how much stock is left. They can then send an order to their suppliers for more stock of any product which they running out of.This system works by scanning the product’s bar code and its details being sent to the main computer.

4. Electronic fund transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) This type of purchasing is similar to EFT as the use of credit or debit cards are needed. This enables customers of House of Fraser to purchase products on the Internet. To use this mode of purchasing the customer would also need a computer, a modem and an Internet connection. When a customer buys a product the money for the product is transferred to the House of Fraser bank account from the customers automatically. When a customer uses EFTPOS the product they have bought will be delivered to their home through the post. This type of purchasing attracts lots of customers for House of Fraser as it is a easy and convenient way to purchase goods, as they don’t have to leave their homes.

Operations The Operations section is also split up into 3 other sections. These are Production Control, Computer control technology and Marketing. I will now explain them in detail. Production Control. Production centre is divided into CAD (Computer aided design) and CAM (Computer aided manufacture). These are used to create House of Fraser’s products this is easy and more efficient to use as no mistakes are made, no breaks and holidays are needed etc.

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