Public Relations Head

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The purpose of this report is to outline the steps and overall strategy for creating an effective campaign drive for the non-profit event. Given the present problems in the corporate structure such as the lack or corporate level support and the leaving of key experienced personnel, generating support and enthusiasm for such a project presents a challenge but at the same time provides a wonderful opportunity to show the effectiveness and skill of the steering committee.

The positive factors in this situation lie in the availability of the website and a quarterly employee newsletter which reaches 13,000 employees around the world (about 3,000 of whom are in New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey City and Long Island). The key in being able to properly deal with this situation lies in being able to adequately utilize and maximize the resources that are currently at hand. A Steering committee should focus on these aspects objective, outcome, output, cost, quality, people, time, risk, project sponsor, scope of project and project scheduling.

The most important role belongs to the head of the steering committee as the success ultimately depends on the ability of the head to be able to properly staff the committee and make sure that all tasks are covered. The head must be able to select the following key people: 1. ) Technical Head to ensure that the newsletter and the information is properly disseminated over the available communications channels such as the website and the division newsletter

2. ) Public Relations Head to ensure that this event is received with as much enthusiasm and energy as possible. This member will be responsible for generating positive support for this activity and thus have more people attend 3. ) Resource Head who makes sure that the available resources are used optimally and also to procure the needed material to spearhead this project. The steering committee should be able to produce enough materials for this project.

Given that there is no budget, it is imperative that whatever is available should be used properly. In this case, creating banners on the website to inform the people and also encourage them to sign up for the race will help. The “click through” rate of the banners will also provide an adequate amount of info regarding how well publicized the event is and to know before the event if it is still viable to proceed or not.

The newsletter must contain informative articles about health and walking and also have articles on increase in workforce satisfaction and productivity in relation to employee events or team building such as joining fun runs. Articles on the public response to corporate involvement in non-profit events will also help. The CEO must address the topic contained in the newsletters to be able to inform the people and show that their support for the event will have a positive effect on their careers.

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