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Manchester Airport is part of The Manchester Airports Group Plc (Public Limited Company) (MAG) Plc means that this business sells shares to the general public. This is the second largest airport operator in the UK and comprises the airports of Manchester, Nottingham East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside.

The airport used to be opposite the Trafford centre, the old airport field that they used was called Barnt. The owners of the airport went to the Manchester city council and asked them if they would by some suitable land for the airport to be built on because the airport field was becoming dangerous for the pilots, Manchester city council granted their wish and bought the land where it still stands today.

There are many parts of the council who own Manchester airport, this is a good thing because all of the money is coming from the council so they can spend it however they like and constantly buying new products etc to make the business as a whole a lot more profitable and bring more customers in and be the best airport in UK and even in the world. The only disadvantage to this is if things go wrong then they are the ones to blame because its those who are spending the money and in control of the profits and loss’Airport – To achieve the targets set out over the next 12 years, the business has to attract more airlines, operating to more destinations, offering increased frequency, operated by larger aircraft with services through out the day.

In addition the business must maintain the highest possible aeronautical income and attract significant commercial spend whilst maintaining a non discriminatory approach to commercial activity. Regulation – Manchester Airport is seen as having a monopoly in the North. We are constrained on the level of revenue we can earn from each passenger. Yield Management – We are busiest in the mornings and evenings and must price our business for gain maximum revenue at these times whilst still attracting growth.

Asset Utilisation – Through differential pricing we can attract business during the quieter times to achieve growth without requiring any capital development. Airlines – To operate sustainable, profitable air services that meet the needs and expectations of the consumer at the right time and price whilst delivering suitable product and service standards. In addition airlines must be able to secure suitable operational times and facilities, operate suitable aircraft types and mix and achieve the right cost balance across service providers and third party organisations.

Slots – Often despite the best intentions airlines are unable to get access to airports as there are no slots available at the required times for operation. Ticket Price – Low Cost Carriers have driven down the price of air travel and created a very price competitive market. Product – Business routes need to provide a Business Class and business facilities, which are expensive and high risk, although the rewards are far greater. John Spooner, Managing Director of Manchester Airport added, “Manchester Airport’s mission statement is to be the airport of choice and only through extending our flight network and by airlines continually reducing their fares will we be able to meet that goal.

Transport The Airport has just built in a new �60 million ground transport interchange, the station, is now currently open at the heart of the airport site. This station links rail, coach and local bus services together into one building, this is so the passengers can easily transfer from one mode of transport to another for ease. All oft eh passengers arriving by the local bus/ coach and rail will now use the station, this is only a 5 minute walk from terminals 1 and 2, and is only a 10 minute walk to terminal 3. Manchester airport is now connected directly to over 50 towns and cities in the UK with National Express coaches, the key destinations are, Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, And Newcastle.

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