Provision of an eatery providing hot and cold meals

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A well thought out business plan will explain what is to be done and how it should be done. It will encourage you to think through your business so that there is less risk and a greater chance of success. Your personnel include your group of friends and any skilled person who it will be necessary to employ. What purposes would they serve in the Business? Such workers must meet health requirements. You would also need to look at the business structure you will be embarking upon. Since you are a group of friends, a partnership may be the most suitable structure. It is fairly easy to set up, but for safety, a lawyer should formally draw it up.

You need to ensure that within the document there is a business name, partner, and the length of time of partnership and how profits and losses are to be allocated. Your capital should cover at least six to twelve months’ expenses, as there may be initial unexpected expenses for which you did not cater. If you realise that your income is insufficient you may have to consider a loan. Check out the various lending agencies very carefully, and choose the one with whom you are comfortable and who offers the best options. Since there is need to budget for one year.

Based on past performances you will be able to determine quantities spent on the different areas and will be able to make adjustments as needed. The product or service provided should be high in quality. Meals should be clean, healthy, tasty and attractive. They should cater for the varying tastes as identified by the mixed ethnicities of your target clientele. There must also be some standards set so that the quality offered does not fluctuate from one day to another. Since you are looking for customer satisfaction you should maintain rapport with them and solicit feedback on the service offered to ensure that their needs are being met.

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