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We can reduce unnecessary cost by adopt paper less office, not recruit best subordinates but training them to be the best later. Good process design to ensure the efficiency use of resource. Always ask, how much we have saved this week, so that it encourages the innovation of reducing cost. On the other hand, in deal with those stakeholders, it’s easier for us who come from the original place-China. We are all familiar with Chinese organization hierarchy and business systems.

We knew how to use ‘Chinese way’ as a useful strategy to overcome the barrier of communication, for example, we know Chinese political departments and systems still influence deeply on the business, so, when we are looking for the appropriate delivery company, we may use the Chinese who with strong political connections and determine to fight the Chinese way, and the chance of the success would be relatively high moreover, as we know the Chinese Business culture is influenced deeply by the Confucian principles, and Guanxi is a term for social networking based primarily upon family, geographic origin, and school. Most Chinese believe in the importance of Guanxi as a means to get things done (Yeung and Tung, 1996). Unlike Western business practices which rely on contracts and the law, guanxi relies on reputations and trust between individuals (Lovett et al., 1999). Consequently, we can use the superiority to overcome some crucial issues from government, and also we can use strong social relationship to communicate with the suppliers.

In addition, to provide the best inventory control service, we recruit best inventory control manager, and keep R;D to adopt the most advanced inventory control methods. We benchmarking with industry leading companies of their inventory service to learn the best inventory control methods. The I.T. can help a lot with reduce cost and increase efficiency, so we will use the most appropriate I.T. facility. The most important thing is to provide good customer care. We are going to make sure the quick response of customer enquiries, e.g. answer enquires within 12 hours. Frequent questionnaire to customer to discover any dissatisfactory earlier and etc.

In next chapter a communication strategy will be carried out to evaluate our idea to be accepted by target audiences: We spot that the Globalization has become a trend in the business world. More and more foreign companies are investing in China. They bring the advanced operation management technique. For example the JIT and Lean management. The successful implementation of these techniques is heavily relying on the support of the partner organisation. The Chinese company is more or less get used to the traditional way of operation, and due to many issues e.g. the culture. It takes time for Chinese company to get in line with the requirement of foreign companies. We exploit this opportunities and decide to act as a bridge. On the other side, we will benefit the Chinese companies who want to adopt the advanced operation management techniques or who want to convert our service as their competitive advantages.

Good Networkers The success factor of the project is to build the strong relationship with the government, and suppliers, and to keep the good relationship with them is a key factor to make sure our project can be processing favorably, so being good networkers have been taken into account when we thinking of the project.

Determined in the face of adversity It is difficult to start a new business, there is going to be many risks involved, for example, it is too difficult to persuade investors to invest. The initial investment of advertising will be high as it is difficult to make customer to accept our new ideas. And later, competitors might imitate our ideas and come to compete with us, they will benefit from our initial investment. Therefore they can provide lower price to customer. Which will be a treat to us.

Manage Risk Every business has risk, we as a new business there is even more. For example, we need to manage usage of our warehouse, if we cannot find the right supplier, and the warehouse will be unused, then we will loss money. We can arrange the trade off between the demand and price, however, if we set the price too high, or not able to provide service to customer in the peak season due to the warehouse space used up, we are loss credit to customer, so we will give competitor’s opportunity to enter and compete.

Put the customer first Our service is to ensure the efficiency of customer, any delay of our service will result the damage of customer’s benefit. E.g. the delay of product or loss credit and etc. therefore it is important that we can put customer first. Create Capital Our aim is to create capital, with the popularity of globalization, and the booming of Chinese economy, there will be more demand of our service. After the success in the Chinese market, we are going to expend into to internationally. And we think this project can create capital both in financial and social.


Loo D (2002). China’s logistics industry presents a golden opportunity.

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