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The purpose for producing a speciation is to identify for potential employees the personal qualities required to carry out the duties of the post. I feel the person specification we made, clearly identifies the personal qualities required for this position. This would be sent of to any person who has shown an interest in the job position and this clearly explains to the person, what type of person Jaguar is looking for. From this the applicant can write on their Application Form how they meet these requirements. Job description

The purpose of producing a job description is to allow Jaguar, as an employer, to account for all aspects of the job which they are offering. The job description we created clearly defines what the job is about and what can be expected from the job. This is sent of, along with the person specification to any person interest, as it clearly explains the jobs roles. From this the potential candidate can judge whether they feel they can live up to the job roles and then make a decision on whether or whether not to apply for the job.

Application Form The purpose of producing a application form is to allow Jaguar, the employer, to compare applicants on a like-with-like basis in terms of their approach to and completion of a standard form. This is sent of to any potential applicants, prior to completing the Application Form applicants must analyse the person specification and the job description. I feel our Application Form has all the required information on it and I have compared it to an example application form. Job Advert.

The purpose of creating a Job Advert is to generate the best and most appropriate field of candidates for the post by attracting suitable candidates to apply and encouraging unsuitable candidates to self de-select. A good advertisement will, include: a meaningful job title, a salary or salary range and details of where the job will be based. It is helpful to include a brief paragraph outlining the main responsibilities of the role and the skills and experience required. I feel our job advert includes all of these key features, therefore making it a success.

This will be displayed on the basis of the actual job position available, the higher ranked jobs will be displayed on more professional documents. Form for assessing strengths and weaknesses The purpose of creating a form for assessing strengths and weaknesses is that it finds the applicant good points and bad points, it is very easy to fill out and helps to note down important facts about the candidate. This consists of two columns, with the obvious headings strengths and weaknesses. This will be used by the interviewer (s), to judge the candidates strong points and weak points.

Any tests used during the interview The purpose of tests during the interview is so that Jaguar can find out additional knowledge about the applicant which they did not know before. It also gives Jaguar a indication on how fast the applicant can “think on their feet”. As stated in the title, this is done during the interview Short listing Procedures The purpose of short listing is that Jaguar can identify those candidates who, on the basis of information available so far, best meet the relevant selection criteria for the post, and are therefore worthy of further consideration.

Jaguar would do this, as soon as they receive the application form and judge candidates on that. Interview Questions The purpose of interview questions is to find out more information from the candidate which will help Jaguar decide whether or whether not the candidate is appropriate for the job. Some questions may be about the applicants responses on their application form and some questions are created before the interview. These questions will obviously asked by the interviewer(s) in the interview.

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