Promotional objectives- Cadbury’s

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For my assignment the company I have chosen to investigate is Cadbury’s, I am going to talk the aims and objectives of Cadbury’s and how they are presently developing with their company. Aims and objectives are long term goals, as Cadbury’s has many aims and some important ones. Aiming to provide the best support customers require to successfully planning and managing Cadbury’s company. I will also be visiting Cadbury’s as part of my assignment to broaden my knowledge on how customers are dealt with and what affect customers have on the business. The specific product that I will be researching on is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

For my assignment I am going to talk about:

* Promotional Objectives

* Promotion within the marketing mix

* Advertising Agencies

* Promotional campaign


Cadbury’s was originally owned by one young man Quaker, John Cadbury, which was named after his own very name Cadbury. Cadbury’s is known as today’s world’s leading market from the beginnings in Bull Street, Birmingham. A shop was opened by John Cadbury in 1824. It did not start as a confectionery shop but sold tea and coffee and home made drinking chocolate or cocoa which he made himself for his customers. This is a one man business, for over 100 of years Cadbury’s was essentially a family business. Cadbury’s Limited has not just shown the growth of highly successful confectionary business but also has shown the development of social and industrial reforms.

Cadbury world is the factory where Cadbury’s dairy milk is produced. Cadbury’s dairy milk was first introduced in the early 1900s it made an immediate impact quickly becoming the market leader. Cadburys Dairy Milk as an international brand carries the same distinctive image all over the world. Cadbury Dairy Milk sells their product nationally and internationally but however the packaging design of Cadbury’s product is the same worldwide. Cadbury’s will only change their language so it is easier for people that buy the products in different countries to understand the language. Cadbury’s dairy milk has a famous slogan a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound with the picture of milk pouring into the chocolate bar Cadbury’s have had the slogan since they first started the production of Cadbury’s dairy milk.

Cadbury is one of the biggest international beverage and confectionary companies in the world. Cadbury have their own plan through objectives in making sales also to create healthy and sustainable where people can enjoy their products like confectionary and beverages. The company is also part of the ‘Cadbury Family’ that includes the beverages called Cadbury Schweppes that are two brand names that have come together to form one

Aims and Objectives

An aim is what demonstrates the long term intentions of the business. As any other business Cadbury has aims and those aims are to achieve are their goals, in order to achieve their goals they will need to set objectives. The objective is how they are going to achieve their aims. Cadbury’s continually set themselves aims to be able to be successful in the future.

An objective is a measurable goal that a business will try to achieve in the short or medium term. Every company in order to reach it aims has to set it self objectives. An objective is a target which contributes towards a main aim or a goal. An example of an objective at Cadbury might be Cadbury wants to reduce its wastage by another 10 percent its objective will state how will they achieve that and in what time frame.

Cadbury’s have many aims and objectives but I will be using the ones for the confectionary market.

Cadbury’s aims and objectives:

1. Make a profit

2. Make Cadbury’s chocolate bars more healthier

3. Provide highly competitive services

4. To beat the competitors by cheaper prices and better quality chocolates

5. Improve the quality of product

6. Provide goods and services

Making a profit- Making a profit, Cadbury’s earning from selling its good and services should be greater then its running costs. Profit is a difference to what Cadbury’s spent and what Cadbury have earned over a period of time. Profit as for any other business is a very important aim as if it was’t then it wouldn’t survive for very long. Profit can be invested back into the business for expansion, development, and growth. In order for Cadbury’s to make a profit they have to break even and they have to sell Cadbury’s dairy milk bars internationally and nationally through out different countries. Cadbury’s dairy milk sell through whole sale’s and they sell Cadbury’s dairy milk bars in packs which works out cheaper because they are buying the chocolate bars in packs. They also sell Cadbury’s Dairy milk in retail shops which are corner shops or they sell direct from the manufacturers in order for Cadbury’s dairy milk to make a profit they sell to a variety of different customers.

Make Cadbury’s chocolate bars more healthier- Cadbury’s can make their chocolate bars more healthier for example by reducing the amount of sugar or maybe by not adding any sugar at all this could result Cadburys by making a better profit. Because customers which might have problems such as diabetes would not be able to take anything with the ingredients of high levels of sugar init or any other type of ingredient which can result them with bad health problems, so for Cadburys in order to make a better profit would need to reduce the amount of unhealthy ingredients and have it sugar-free so that they make a better profit by gaining different types of customers.

Provide highly competitive services- Customer service is a vital part of Cadbury’s. Customers are the most important part of a company. If there were no customers there would be any business. That’s why customers must be given high standards of customer service in order for Cadbury’s to get their customers to return. Cadbury’s main aim is to improve their customer service in order to improve the customer service for the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar, Cadbury’s has to deal with more variety of customers in a appropriate manor because Cadbury’s customers need to be satisfied with their service provided. If customers are not satisfied with the product they will put in a complaint and therefore Cadbury’s would have to deal with the complaint effectively and efficiently in order to satisfy their customers. Other ways of satisfying customers would be if Cadbury’s do after sales service.

To beat the competitors by cheaper prices and better quality chocolates- Cadbury’s aim would be to compete with their competitors with cheaper prices and the quality of the chocolate bars in this case it would be Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. For this reason Cadburys would need to be competing with their competitors, their competitors would be Nestle, etc Cadbury’s would take away customers from their competitors so they can gain more market share and by making more profit through greater sales. Cadbury’s knowing who their competitors are, and what they can offer, this could help Cadbury’s make decisions more precisely and make their products stand out.

This will enable Cadbury’s to make sure that their prices are competitive. This knowledge could make Cadbury’s marketing strategies that are an advantage to their business to find out what their competitor’s weaknesses are and learning different ways to improve their product idea. If they increase sales and make profits Cadbury’s Dairy Milk can think of improving and expanding making new flavours of Dairy Milk. They also need to have competitive prices with their competitors because if Cadburys bars are more expensive than Snickers and Nestle customers will be interested in buying Nestle chocolates rather than buying Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

Improve the quality of product- Cadbury’s aim would be to improve on the quality of their product. By the quality of their service and product customers would decide weather they would recommend it or not so therefore Cadbury’s would need to provide customers with the best customer satisfaction as possible. This could be done by many ways for example improving on the product Dairy Milk in sizes, shapes and flavours, this could bring many different customers because customers have different likes and therefore Cadbury would have to meet them aims. Cadbury’s also don’t want to lose their present customers that they already have so they don’t improve the product so much that the customers they have gained they do not lose them.

Provide goods and services- One of the world’s best confectionary sellers of beverages and shweppers are Cadbury Limited. Cadbury aim to provide customers the best and quality service as possible and as any other company purpose is their main target is to achieve their profits and their revenue. They aim to make good products that customers are happy with and the chocolate that suits their needs.Goods and services beautiful quality products, which provide Cadbury’s customers with comfort. Cadbury is a company which produces chocolate. They are a nationwide and worldwide company. Cadbury’s also provides chocolate bars nationally and internationally and also provide worldwide services.


A goal is something that Cadbury is trying to achieve and in order to do so is through objectives for example by offering best customer service, selling more then their competitors and offering customers value for money. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk objectives is to sell chocolate bars. In order to achieve their objective they need to complete all necessary task. Objectives are set to be as challenges and targets, Cadbury’s objective may be that to take over there competitors Nestle, Snickers, Kit Kat they cannot take over these companies but they can stay on the same level as them but at the moment Cadbury’s are in a higher position than the competitors. In order to achieve big amount of money Cadbury will need to set themselves objectives and carry them out effectively and efficiently as possible. Another objective for Cadbury is to sell more Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars than their previous year, this would be Cadbury main objective to increase sales each year and keeping customers away from their competitors.

In order for Cadbury’s dairy Milk to achieve their aims they will need to meet their objectives Cadbury’s dairy Milks objectives are:

1. Increase sales from previous year

2. Make a more variety of products

3. Stay successful and survive as a business

4. Improve the quality of the product if needed

5. Expand the name of Cadbury’s worldwide

6. Chocolate bars which are suitable for people with diabetes.

Cadbury’s use SMART objectives to plan their resources:





Time Constrained

SMART Objectives

Specific- Cadbury would like to achieve higher standards in customer services, increase profits, produce better and unique products of Cadbury, expand world wide and improve their designs and manufacturing of products. The program states a specific outcome, or a precise objective to be accomplished. The outcome is stated in numbers, percentages, frequencies, scientific outcome and etc. Cadburys specific aim is to make sure that they make good quality chocolate bars that customers are happy with.

Measurable- Cadbury would plan on measuring a certain source this means that the objective can be measured and measurement source can be identified. If it cannot be measured the funding non measurable activities will be discussed. All activities are measured at some level. Therefore Cadbury would have to measure whether or not meeting their objectives. Cadburys measurable aim is to increase their sales each year by 10%.

Achievable- Cadbury would plan on whether competition is possible or not e.g. Cadbury can do this profit increase by 8% next year. The objective or expectations of what will be accomplished must be realistic given the market condition, time period, resources allocated, etc. Cadburys achievable aim is to have a success rate of 99%.

Reliable- Cadbury can meet the objective with their current resources. Realistically achieve the objectives with the resources Cadbury’s have. It should form part of the business overall aim.

Time Constrained- When Cadbury wants to achieve their objectives example targets must be met by the time next time. Objectives should be achieved in a specified time period. When do Cadbury’s want to achieve the set objectives Cadburys time specific aim is to make sure that all their aims are completed in the time they have set themselves e.g. to make 1000 chocolate bars within a week they have to make 1000 chocolate bars.

Promotional objectives

Raising awareness

Raising awareness, Cadbury Dairy Milk use sponsorship to target their customers, they also sponsor Coronation Street as part of their advertisement. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk sponsors Coronation Street because it’s one of Britain’s most famous and watched programmes and they advertise Cadbury Dairy Milk bars straight after the programme has finished or taken a break so that people get to see the advertisement of Cadbury’s straight after the programme.

The shows days of Cadbury’s advertisement and Coronation street is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on the programme channel of ITV1 and ITV2. On Monday it is shown twice once before and after Eastenders because it is Britain’s most favourite programme because Cadbury aim to advertise their Cadbury Dairy Milk bar to as much audience as possible and majority of people watched this programme.

Coronation comes on at 7:30 because people are at work in the day from 9am – 6pm so when they come home they can watch Coronation Street and also they have an Omnibus which comes on at about 11ish for people who work night shifts.

Creating distinctive market presence

Cadbury Dairy Milk logo has been using creative distinctive presence for the their audience and Cadbury Dairy Milk represents its logo by having pictures of two glasses of milk which for one of them is half and the other full this represents Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Cadbury use bright colours so that it stands out from the rest and also it is eye-catching than any other products. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk have a traditional trend in which they only use two specific colours which are purple and white for their plain chocolate for most of Cadbury’s dairy Milk products the mainly use the traditional purple because they have used the colours over the years and people from all around the world are familiar with the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. Cadbury’s use the same design wrapper, colours and the same logo when they sell their products internationally but however they change the language so foreigners can easily understand and read the information provided on the chocolate bars. As Cadbury is nationally and internationally popular seller it is one of the biggest brands sellers through-out the world.

Creating a distinctive market presence, Cadbury must place a distinctive mark on the market for people to recognise that this is a big company that is about to launch another brilliant project this would be in a way so that the whole sector will be know. The new launch for a new Cadbury product is so they make a good impact on the market range.

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