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Questionnaires are the most common method of primary research as it is the easiest and detailed information can be gathered. By doing a questionnaire I can gain customers opinion on fish and chip shops and their attitude towards them. I will use the method of random sampling I have chosen this as it is convenient. The above pie chart shows the number of males to females visiting fish and chip shops. The males equal 29 whilst females equal 21. The pie chart shows that more men visit take- a-ways than women, as women prefer to eat healthy.

The above graph shows the number of people I interviewed and how many use take-away such as fish and chip shops. The graph clearly shows that the average person I interviewed eats out least three times a week. By doing the above survey I have know found out that the demand exists for my service and my business would likely to run efficiently. The above graph has indicated to me that demand for my service exists. The graph clearly shows that the number of people eating out is positive and there are potential customers out there. The above graph shows how many people that I interviewed would use the fish and chip shop at Queensbury Parade.

The results are a very good indication of that the business would run effectively and there is demand especially as there is a tube station and a lot of travellers would be attracted. Results of questionnaire The questionnaire has given a clear impression of what potential customers exists and would most likely to buy my services. I had only interviewed 50 people as they will represent the rest of the population and as this is more convenient as less costs are incurred. There are over dozens of fish and chip shops and take-a ways in the area that sell food at similar prices.

Although this represents a challenge in terms of market share, it also indicates the presence of a large strong potential gain. My aggressive plan of delivery will also give an advantage over the competitor and create a good market share. I will also consider having a wide range of products such as kebabs burgers and lunch time special meals. The results clarify that there is potential for my success. My observation has indicated that similar businesses have been successful in this market. The aim of advertising is to inform the population of my shop, create a image, increase sales and compete with various competitors.

There are many various typed of advertising methods such as TV, radio, leaflets, and newspapers. I will not be able to afford the main advertising methods such as TV and radio as I am a small business which is just going to start and will not have the capital do so. I have little start up capital so costs must be minimised. A thirty second add on television can cost up to 40,000 that I cannot afford. I have been observing other fish and chip shops and also chicken and chip shops and recognised that the type of advertising they are using.

Most of these are using leaflets that include the menu special offers and state the details such as location. I will most probably use this method but firstly have to find out the costs of printing. The typical cost of a black and white leaflet is 1000 for 20. I will most likely go for the colour menu as it more eye catching and will grab attention. It will state the location, menu and the lunch time offers. After a few years in the business I will sponsor the Edgware football club (under 16s).

I will buy their kits that cost around 25 and their equipment, in return I will display the shop name on the shirts and the kits bags as this method will be a very effective way of advertising and it is giving something back to the community. It is vital when operating a business to know the market and predict future trends. As customers look for new products and maybe even foods. I will constantly review all aspects of the product so consumer needs are met. I feel identifying and anticipating and satisfying needs of potential customers this is vital as without the customer the business will not run and make a profit.

By offering a good service the customers will return and my business will make a profit. I have come to the above conclusions by conducting primary and secondary research. The results have clearly justified the potential for my shop. Since there is vast competition, this indicated by my secondary research from the local Civic centre web site and also from Yell. com. I will use the method of distributing leaflets to attract valuable customers as there is so many suppliers for the customers to chose from.

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