Promotion method of Marketing

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Promotion is a method of Marketing that is used to address awareness to customers about a product. The main purpose of promotion is to mainly persuade customers to buy products. Promotion is very important to Marks and Spencer as they are able to use a range of promotion methods. The different method that Marks and Spencer use to promote their products are Advertising, Sales promotion, personal selling, Public relation, and merchandising. Advertising is used by Marks and Spencer to advertise a product that it is better than their competitors.

Marks and Spencer communicate with their customers using the media such as Newspapers, Television, Radio and internet. The method that Marks and Spencer use depends on the Target Market and the time that they advertise the product. For an instance if Marks and Spencer were advertising teenage clothing for Teenagers it would be a waste of time advertising the products during the day because most teenagers would be at school/college. This too shall be a waste of money as the promotion hasn’t reached their target market.

Advertising is an informative method which is used to increase the customer awareness of a product. Advertising most involves using facts, images, being persuasive and convincing. Marks and Spencer use Newspapers for advertising. The reason for why they use this method of promotion is because they know that a lot of people travelling to work on buses and trains read the newspaper therefore they find this method of promotion a good way of advertising as it gets to the target market instantly as they are reading through the newspaper. Marks and Spencer use Television as a method of promotions.

The reason for why Marks and Spencer use television for promotion is to advertise their product as they now that a large population of their target Market watches television therefore they find this method quick and easy and it get the target Market more easily. The disadvantages of using Television are that Marks and Spencer need to make sure that when they do advertise that they advertise at the time of day when there target market is watching televisions because this method of promotion is very expensive. By using television the target market will also be able to see the product in colour.

Internet is another method that is used a a large number of businesses because they now that they’re target market have all got the internet and therefore they use the internet to advertise promotions such as sales, discounts on their website and other websites as well. This method of promotion is very expensive as a huge population in UK use the internet therefore it is easy to target their target Market. Sales promotion is a method that provides a financial incentive to purchase a product. Like for an example Marks and Spencer advertises sales promotion that if you buy this product you would get another item free.

This is known as a financial incentive to purchase a product. Merchandising is another method of promotion that can be used by Marks and Spencer. Merchandising is a range of tactics that a business likes Marks and Spencer at a point of sale-where the products are purchased. For an example retailer may be provided with a point of sale advert by business to advertise. Like for an instance coming up to Christmas businesses may provide retailers such as Marks and Spencer with wrapping paper as retailer now that this will be a fast selling product.

Merchandising is very important when customers make decisions at the point of sales. This affects Marks and Spencer aims and objective “Continue to invest in and grow core UK retail businesses by introducing new good and services” because Marks and Spencer need to be able to advertise the goods and services that they provide to address awareness to their customers. Place Place is very important in Marketing and it is very important to all business such as Marks and Spencer. The reason for why Place is so important is because it is the location where the product is sold to their customers.

Pace is very important because customers don’t want to travel too much just to get to the nearest Marks and Spencer. Channel of distribution is a method that sis used by Marks and Spencer and other competitors to distribute products like wholesalers and retailers. Marks and Spencer have warehouse where they keep all their stock after it has been produced. All stock is then delivered around Marks and Spencer UK stores. Marks and Spencer is a retail company therefore they deliver to their own stores from their warehouses using their large lorry vehicles.

In store the place of the product is very important because when customers come into the store they do not want to be looking for same product because the product has been moved. Placing the products in the right place is right, Marks and Spencer now what their customers come in to get on regular basis, such as newspapers, sweets, milk, drinks and Crisps this is why theses items are always placed at the front of the store so that customers can just pick these items and go and pay without having to walk all around the shop just to buy one chocolate.

Place affects Marks and Spencer’s aims and Objective “Accelerate store renewal programme” as Marks and Spencer need to renew their store so that it is easier for their customer to access products more quickly. Customer are able to purchase the same products which can be purchased in store however some customers find it more easy and available to purchase products online by the internet because they don’t have to travel to get to Marks and Spencer and they do not have to leave their home as they have direct sales.

Mass Market and Niche Market Mass market is where a product is marketed to all consumers. Mass market does not focus on small segments of the market. Niche is when you market a product to certain groups of consumers of the Market. Mass market is used by Marks and Spencer as they market their products and their services that they provide on a large marker. They also use mass market because they provide their customers with a range of products This mass market shall affect the aim and objective “Strengthen our UK property portfolio”.

The reason for why it shall affect this aim and objective is because Marks and Spencer will be able to determine ways in which how far they will be able to expand and ways in which they can expand as a business. Quality Control Quality control is a method that is used to find poor quality products that have been produced before they are marketed on to the market. The products are checked during the production process. The different methods of quality control that are used are Total Quality Management, Inspection, Self checking, bench marking, mystery shoppers and Training.

Total quality management is used by Marks and Spencer in their manufactures to ensure that the products that are made in the manufacturing process are up to the standard of the total quality management. It is also used by Marks and Spencers suppliers to check that the products that are being delivered to Marks and Spencer are to the standard of the total quality management and do not drop below the standard. Total quality management check is also done on Marks and Spencers products to ensure that the products before being put on to the shelf to ensure that high standard of products are being served to customers.

This helps Marks and Spencer meet their aims and Objectives “Continue to invest in and grow in our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services”. The reason for Quality control affect this aim and objective is so that it allows Marks and Spencer identify any product not up to the standard quality product that are not suitable to be on their market and it also prevents poor quality good being produced in the final stages of the production.

This helps Marks and Spencer as they will be able to provide their customers with good quality goods and services. Teams and Groups A team is a group which is formed to achieve targets. A group is a team that has been formed to become a group. Team is a group that have been set clear objectives, in order to achieve these objectives the team have to work within a group in order to support each other and achieve the objectives that need to be met. At Marks and Spencer all the staff, managers and managing directors work together as a team and support each other.

When the staff, manager and Managing directors at Marks and Spencer work within a group they think of themselves as if they are within a team. All people part of Marks and Spencer need each other if they want to achieve their aims and objectives that Marks and Spencer have set. Team affects Marks and Spencer aim and objective “Continue to invest in and grow in our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services” because by working within a team and a group they are able to meet this aim and objective and are able to provide their customers with new good and services.

Types of Organisational Structure Hierarchical structure-flat Hierarchical structure is when employees are ranked at various levels within the organisation and each level is one above the other. On the Hierarchical structure one person has a number of workers directly under them, within their span of control. A hierarchical structure that has many levels can be having many difficulties such as it can be harder to communicate, there would be a wider span control.

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