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For this assignment I am going to use a small business in this case Mucklow and Hardy Opticians, which is situated in Lincoln. Due to being a small business there are limits in which advertising and promotional activites can occur. There are many ways to go about improving a businesses status by advertising and promotions. The ways of which I am going to for fill this goal is to use many different types of media, aimed at all different social classes. An example of this is for the lower class of citizen would receive post cards advertising promotions, while the high class would receive e-mail and be able to access the web site.

Advertising to all the different classes would improve the variety of customers also an increase customer count will occur. Questions I need to ask myself before starting: “What is Promotion? ” – Promotion is the attempt to draw attention to a product or business. “The objectives of promotion? ” – To make consumers more aware of a product, – To reach a targeted audience which might be geologically dispersed, – To remind existing customers of a product so they might re-purchase the product, – To show there product is better than that of a competitor, – To develop or improve the image of the business, Methods of Promotion:

Mucklow and Hardy face many constraints one main one being that they have a small advertising budget. So with this small budget the advertising must be a mixture between cheap and efficient. Another main constraint is that Keith Tomlinson is the owner of the company and he decides single handed what the business should do, with little help from outside sources. This hampers the company due to not having a wider range of people and ideas to turn to. Advertising is a major part of the promotion of a product and has been use for many years. It is still difficult to say with any certainty what promotional activities can actually achieve and how.

The strategy chosen by the business should have objectives and methods of carrying them out. It used to be that a ‘small business’ best low-cost advertising bet was radio. Radio is still quite affordable in many communities, but rates have gone through the roof in many others. This leaves lots of small businesses with nowhere to go for local advertising. Fortunately, Britain’s oldest form of mass media is coming to the rescue. Many cities are seeing a big return of local newspapers. In the area that Mucklow and Hardy are situated the local papers are the Lincolnshire Echo, The Target, and the Chronicle.

Small neighborhood papers focus on a particular part of town. They carry news on events within a few miles radius of their readers. Neighborhood papers also work hard to appeal to businesses in their immediate area. One consumer told me she pays closer attention to ads in her neighborhood paper. “I know they’re all a very short drive away. The big daily paper is advertising stores that are an hour or more away,” she said. Neighborhood papers not only feature far lower rates than larger papers, they let you tightly focus on a particular part of town. Due to Lincolnshire being a rural county the Echo and such papers are widely distributed.

With Lincoln being the dominant city in the county any rural villagers will travel a fair distance to get the quality and service that Mucklow and Hardy provide. This is supported by the wide distribution of the local papers. Specific neighborhoods feature specific income levels and lifestyles. This helps you target your ads more than you can with other kinds of local advertising. Being that the Papers are low in price this does not really have too much effect. Using the AIDA advertising model, before a customer decides to buy the product, he or she goes though four stages of consciousness.

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