Project organisation, management, schedule and budget

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It will be difficult to convince some drug offenders to take part in the direct interviews as it will be difficult to have them answering some of the questions. There is also the problem of getting access to financial records of court personnel as this might be viewed as an attempt to convey to the public the deep secrets in the systems such as the salaries and wages of the personnel. To overcome these ethical challenges, the researchers will promise to treat all information they receive with confidence, including keeping identities of participants secret.

Project organisation, management, schedule and budget The research is expected to last five months as many records will have to be perused and many calculations done. Data analysis and collection alone might take two months each. The research is projected to commence on 21st July 2010 after a three-week preliminary planning period. It is projected that the key expenditures will be on personnel allowances, travel and accommodation, data collection and analysis equipment and facilities, and rental fees.

Conclusion The research is expected to be faced with challenges like failure to find accurate records as it is difficult for some people to disclose their earnings. There is also the threat that due to the huge mix of qualitative and quantitative data, it might be difficult to reach a clear conclusion. On this basis, further research is proposed in the area of efficiency of the drug courts.


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